December 29, 2021 | Guest Mixes

#110 Miro-Benji for Deeprhythms

The last mix of the year coming through courtesy of local producer, DJ and man of many talents, Miro-Benji. Known for his eclectic radio shows, solo productions as well many collaborations covering ground from dance music to contemporary classica, the set he did for us is a great way to end yet another crazy year with soothing and deep electronic music.   

Hi there, how’s things? Can you introduce yourself briefly to our listeners?

Hi, i’m Miro-Benjamin and I'm a Helsinki-based artist. I do painting, events, music, poems, DJ:ing and some graphic stuff. I like to run, meditate, read and watch quality movies.

What’s been keeping you busy of late - you’re both a DJ and a producer?

I try to avoid being busy because the way I'm working needs a lot of space around it. However, I've been doing the next Soft Assault Orchestra album with Stuster and it needs a lot of concentration. We are producing the tracks together and then I do vocals by myself and all the artwork and try to think of some good visual stuff around the album.

I've been lately interested in doing contemporary music with cello and it has been very exciting.
There is also one dance music EP on its way with Stuster also. And a couple other projects! 

I also run the labels Untempo and Free Shelter. I’ve been doing some event stuff for a local place Jackie for a while and it has been a pleasure. Weekly radio show for Radio Helsinki needs its own time as well.  

What drove you to electronic music in the first place?

Being interested in things that I don't know about.

What about DJ’ing?

It is some kind of need to predispose people to strange music or entertain the dance floor.

Name a few records or songs that had a big impact on you in your early days and why?

I think that the most groundbreaking album that got me into electronic music was The Hierophant by Burial Hex. There is just some kind of grotesque beauty in that record. Songs are perfect and aesthetics as well. Some kind of esoteric vibe into it.

Do you have any memorable experiences to share from your early days as a DJ?

At my first DJ-gig when I was 18 years old I was playing some Neutral Milk Hotel, My Bloody Valentine, Nick Cave, The Smiths and some other indie/art rock classics from vinyl. I didn't know at that point that it was possible to play on digital so I spent a lot of money to buy physical records for that gig and the bar was empty the whole night.

When you select records for your sets, what’s your approach like?

It depends on the set and the venue but I like to focus on some emotion or something. 

Name three to five secret weapons that you almost every time carry in your bag?

I like to concentrate on new music but a record that I found in Stockholm called Rose of Tokyo from City-O has definitely its special place. If it's possible to play it, I usually do.

What have been your most memorable record finds? Any good stories?

I think that every trip to Red Light Records has included some killer findings. RIP RLR!

Do you have a comfort record, one you can put on that makes you feel good no matter what?

John Cage's  "Dream" is something that sounds amazing every time. Julius Eastman’s catalogue as well. 

Name five tracks or releases that are currently on heavy rotation?

I usually don't have any releases on heavy rotation, i mean that i keep constantly looking for new stuff. But these are all very good and also my newest bandcamp brougts. 

Robert Gerard Pietrusko – Perishing Red Skies

Electribe 101 – Heading for the Night - Night over Europe

Tiziano Popoli – Mimetico Erettile

Pepe – Guatemala Dreams (Pepe Fruit Of The Loon Remix)

Reflex Blue – Digital Dreams

Tell us about your shows on Radio Helsinki and IDA Helsinki ?

I run a show on Radio Helsinki called Untempo and it focuses on modern classical and contemporary music. It feels very personal. We also have a show on IDA Radio called Free Shelter and we do it with our crew. It's about alternative electronic dance music. 

How did you get started and how have the shows evolved?

People from Bassoradio asked if I had interests in doing radio show and I did. When Bassoradio turnt itself into a piece of shit I moved to Radio Helsinki which is the best station in the world. I feel really special to be one of the makers. IDA came pretty naturally because the people who are doing that are friends.

What has been the most rewarding part of running the shows?

Progress of doing and rituals of radio.

Did DJing eventually turn your attention into making music or was it always there right from the beginning?

Producing was first and then I wanted to play it for people and I realised that I have to understand how the mixers and turntables and CDJ:s work.

Are there any new tools or musicians or artists who have recently inspired you?

I've recently been deeply inspired by films of F.W. Murnau. Works of Edgar Varese and Charlie Morrow have been a big inspiration for a while too. Also a band called Undo K From Hot.

Out of your own releases, which do you have the strongest bond with and why is that?

The forthcoming Soft Assault Orchestra album. It has so many good ideas with it. It's the album that I've always wanted to make.

What does the coming 12 months hold for you in regards of releases, collaborations etc.?

There is at least one solo album coming under my birth name. Then SAO -album and one 4 track EP of dance music with Stuster. Hopefully a new Elohopea album with Jeku also.

What’s your take on the current state of electronic music?

There is so much good dance stuff coming out everyday that it's impossible to hear it all. The information spreads so fastly that anyone can do a proper dance track, which is the zeitgeist of this moment and because of that the evolution of music is pretty fast now.

It has many good sides but the definitely bad side about it is that so much good stuff leaves under the radar. I think that's nothing new tho.

So the mix, can you tell us a little something about that? 

It's a compilation of dance music that I want to hear right now.

Many thanks, anything else?

Long live the new flesh!


Spacemen 3 - How Does it Feel? (10:40's Terrace Moonshine Dub)
K2 - Mogadishu (Alternative Version)
Cadee - Besta
Manuel Darquart - Agave Harvest
Shuffle Valley - Something for Midnight
Shur-I-Kan & Fred Everything - Until Then
Client_03 - Ur_Love
Pepe - Guatemala Dreams (Pépe Fruit Of The Loon Remix)
Reflex Blue - Digital Dreams
Olsvangèr - Ghustown
HearThug - Earthling
DJ Breathing Exercise - Who You Think You Frontin On
Malugi - Energy (Break Mix)
Viikatory - Feel It In My Movement Slow

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