December 18, 2008 | Guest Mixes

#26 'Emerald Green Poison' by Kellyyss


Mixed by: Kellyyss
Location: Naples, Italy

Ok - I think it's pretty safe to say that Francesco is one of the most enthusiastic people I've ever met. And his love for this music just shines through his music and mixes.

Francesco's been a regular on DR probably from the beginning, at least for 6 years. Sadly we haven't seen him on the forum as often as previously, but the man's keeping himself busy producing and doing gigs. Night Drive Music, Altered Moods Recordings, 2600 Records, Excuisite and Pesto Music are few of the labels that have released his tracks and remixes.

Soothing, relaxing and mesmerizing are the best adjectives to describe this mix. Good blend of dubbier tracks and lo-fi sounds - house music at its finest.

Honoured to post a mix of yours here, Francesco - take it away!

In his own words: "In all honesty, I thank you for the opporunity to have a mix on DR.
This mix got its inspiration from the Love that each and everyone of us has deep inside our Souls.

This Love is made of millions of colours and generated inside our Hearts with different shades, shapes and varieties; a Love that like water, is flowing through our hands, in every aspect of our Life, it is the Passion of a creative artist; with joyful expression and freedom.

He is offering us a wonderfull painting, a mosaic of infinite parts where He is divided inside it in all particles: He lives, breathes, touches and feels it, and the perceptions make the painting become reality.. everyone of us is a part of this creation and our deep music provides us with beautiful thoughts and emotions.

What is offered here has been selected with the same Intention with the only purpose to give positive energy to our Spirits of warriors to live great moments in our Life."


Sven Weisemann - Activity Chain - Mojuba 2007
The Unique Matter - New Vision - Plug 2008
Pheek - Silence (remix) - Epsilonlab 2004
Dirty Cover - With You (Phil Dirty rmx) - Soul Industries (soon)
Heim & Jones - The Way We Were - The Diclosure Project 2008
M-Lito & Nestora - Flying Over (Lowell rmx) - The Disclosure Project 2008
The Unique Matter - Looking For Sound - The Disclosure Project 2008
BCDHN feat Ninsun Poli - Groovenauts Version - Tonality 2008
Sven Weisemann - Let's Swing (Oracy's Kamikiri Edit Pleasure) Mojuba 2006
BCDHN feat Ninsun Poli - Ninjas (Lovers in deep house Version) Tonality 2008
Kai Alce - Floating - NDATL Muzik 2008

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Location: Naples, Italy
| Soundcloud

Kellyyss got in touch with the house music scene in Naples at the age of sixteen. This experience took him straight to search for the groove called underground music movement in Italy in the first half of the 90s. A constant search gets Kellyyss to resolve his obsession: the underground house was the key of a new reality starting with of Timo Rotonen, Roxnadz and followed by a group of people from around the world each of them having a strong passion for deep music. Inspired by the sentence "only to spread deep music" and together with DJ DaSoul, his best friend, Kellyyss promoted deep house scenes trying to spread the deeper voices in his town.

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