March 20, 2009 | Guest Mixes

#29 'Daybreak' by Deymare


I got introduced to Deymare's music a few month's ago via his releases on Stupendous Music. I dug a little deeper and sure enough, it turns out Tomas is a fellow finn! It was a no-brainer to ask for a guest mix.

Deymare's been on the case for quite a few years and his experience shines through. Combine that with a classy, sophisticated and laid back production style ala late 90's Straight Up Recordings (which I happen to have a deep affection for) and we have a winner.

I probably sound like broken record when I say that I really, really dig this mix. The whole vibe is just soooo spot on, the track selection is pure class and that blend with Fish Go Deep played over Juan Solar for good 3 minutes just puts an icing on the cake.

There's an exclusive new Deymare bomb Slipping Away (what a bassline!) in the mix as well, coming out later this year on Soul People Music (the home of Black Jazz Consortium and Fred P), don't miss it!

As always, show the love love and leave the good man a shout in our forum. And check out his Myspace for a bio and discography.

In his own words: "Made on a sunday afternoon, when i got in the mood for a dose of warm, laidback, deep house the sound that i care for the most musicwise.

The mix is a blend of good old tunes and fresh sounds, a little bit of self promotion in there aswell as i have 2 of my own tracks on there, the Calling Detroit track that is just released on Stupendous music, here in it's Dubbyman remix shape and another one yet to be released track, Slipping away.

The mix also holds several personal favourites from a few years back, the Deep in the box mix of Gene Hunt's "Gotta get away" and 2 tracks from 3 chairs "No drum machine pt.2" ep, i just love that record!

Other tracks worth a mention are Andre Lodemann's beautiful vocal track "Searchin" and Swag's remix of Jimi Tenor's Take Me Baby from the mid 90's something.

Hope u enjoy it!"


00:00 Deep Orchestra - What A Day [Etoka]
04:20 Trackmaster Scott & Jaymo - Black Disco [Chicago Underground]
07:30 Gene Hunt feat Jocelyn H - Gotta get Away (Deep in the Box Mix) [Philosophie Music]
09:10 Juan Solar - Speakless (Verano Remix) (Arteque)
10:00 Fish Go Deep - The Jazz [I Records]
13:17 Deymare - Slipping Away [Forthcoming on Soul People Music]
19:55 Clan Destino - Moodsupport (Vera Remix) [Sonido Records]
24:00 3 Chairs - Congo Mambo [3 Chairs]
28:02 Andre Lodemann - Searchin' [Best Works]
32:13 Nils Anthes - Djembe Box [Be Chosen]
34:48 3 Chairs - No Drum Machine Pt.2 [3 Chairs]
39:50 Jimi Tenor - Take Me Baby (The Swag Pornstar Performance Mix) [Warp Records]
45:45 Joe Montana - The Secret [3rd Floor]
49:36 Popoviciu, Bliss & Toygun - Twisted (Non Believers New World Re-edit) [Smoke City Music]
53:02 Deymare - Calling Detroit (Dubbyman Remix) [Stupendous Music]
57:14 Needs - Feel Mix [Needs Music]

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