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#36 'Deep Chills' by Pat Lezizmo


Mixed by: Pat Lezizmo

Belgium & deep house?

A few years back, I could not make a connection between these two. In my mind Belgium was all about harder dance music and well, err... chocolate.

With labels like We Play House and artist such as San Soda emerging from the country, it's safe to say Belgium is making a strong case of not being overlooked when talking about quality deep house.

I'm happy to present an excellent mix by Pat Lezizmo, a dj and radio show host spinning only the deepest cuts on his weekly show, 2Chill, on SpitsFM.

Pat takes us for a spin (no pun intended) with his mix, a 1hr 32min set of modern deep house with a classy touch and some very, very skillful mixing. Deep house connoisseurs should not sleep on this...

In Pat's words...

Do Right sleeve"Discovering Deeprhythms was like discovering a treasure. All this fresh unknown music made me go deeper into seeking the right records.

I'm so grateful to Timo for his work over the years and especially for giving me the oppurtunity to put this mix on the web!

I called this mix "Deep Chills" because for most of the tracks I got chills when I heared them for the first time (especially with the first track > Shove from Sven Weisemann!).

Deep house is continuously evolving and growing. These tracks are fresh, most of them came out this year, this is how I see the Deep House "thing" for this moment. But of course I coudn't forget to use some older tracks who got me into this (like Swayzak, Trentemoller and... Ron Trent!).

It gives a preview of what you can expect on my weekly radio show on > 2Chill

I know the medium doesn't matter but I'm a vinyl addict so enjoy the crispy sound all over the mix ;-)

I hope you guys will enjoy this!


- Pat Lezizmo


00.00 Sven weisemann - shove (A.R.T.LESS)
02:18 Culoe De Song - African subway (Innervisions)
07:16 Pablo Sanchez - This Music Thing (House Music Café)
11:51 Sven Tasnadi - Our destiny (Ornaments)
18.36 The Timewriter - Flicking pages (Peter Herrevorts remix) (Plastic City)
26.20 Swayzak - Floyd (Swayzak Music)
30.00 Dubshape - Project nr 5 (8Bit)
35.51 Matt Flores - Went 2 the future (Shack Music)
41.12 Sebastian Davidson - La musique l'amour (Conya Records)
45.52 Trentemoller - In progress (Naked Music)
51:15 Gorge - Bambossa (Plastic City)
58:06 Kevin Cook - Recover (Welt Sounds)
60:56 Pablo Bolivar - Internal Call (Curle Recordings)
70:36 Sven Weisemann - Slices (Lars Behrenroth Remix) (Liebe*Detail Spezial)
78:12 Herb LF - Sunliner (Farside)
84:01 Anthony Collins - Bricolage (Liebe*Detail)
90:18 Ron Trent - I feel the rhythm (Inner experience revision) (Prescription)

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