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#41 'Forgotten Future' by Ichi.One


HomeCookin' for deeprhythms.com - forgotten future 1987 - 1995

HomeCookin's Peter aka Ichi.One's work as a dj and record collector has been a source of inspiration for a number of years. Ichi was part of the MOTW message board posse almost 10 years ago, that's how I first got in touch with him and his excellent mixes.

Fast forward to future, I could not hide my excitment when "Forgotten Future" dropped into my inbox little over a month ago. The mix I had been asking Pete to do for years finally arrived!

And boy, are we in for a real treat here of what? Excellent title, the mix sure is a trip down the memory lane but also a good reminder of what house at its purest form was and still is.

(Trivia: Tuff Little Unit's "Join the future" must be one of my all time favorite Warp track, I still remember when I heard the first time.)

In Peter's words

"I know it's bin along time since Timo asked me for a DR guestmix, but I finally made one.

The story behind it is: while cleaning up my music collection the past few months i (re)discovered a lot of old tracks. Well know 'anthems' but also lesser know 'b-sides'.

The result is a mix that is a bit on the edge of sounding nostalgic, but I think it has enough 'forgotten' tracks that still stand to keep it interesting.

As you can see i focused on the period 1987 till 1995 roughly from the early Detroit - Chicago days untill drum'n'bass took over. When the drum'n'bass days were over, house had be come something different. (still good but different for me).

Those early house sounds have something naieve, simple, basic but also something futuristic.

I just hope the mix has enough of those elements to keep it interesting for the ones who experienced the period and that it still sounds fresh enough for the youngsters.

It's of course impossible to be objective about this, everybody has some many different memories to these tracks."

- Regards, Peter aka Ichi.One


01. Tuff Little Unit : Join The Future - Warp (1991)
02. Master C&J : Face It (Club) - State Street Records (1987)
03. Mission Control : Outta Limits - Deep South Recordings (1990)
04. Thee Madkatt Courtship : Wet Wednesday - Deep Distraxion (1994)
05. Project 86 : Legends (Vocal Mix) - Nu Groove (1991)
06. The Disciples Of Jovan Blade : Take Me Away - Buzz (1992)
07. K.S. Experience : Electronic Dance - Ten Records Ltd. (1988)
08. Forgemasters : Pump Me - Network Records (1991)
09. Ability II : Pressure - Outer Rhythm (1991)
10. Eddie Fowlkes : I Wanna Know - Infonet (1993)
11. Ultramarine : Hooter (Carl Craig Remix) - Blanco Y Negro (1994)
12. Quadrant : Infinition - R&S records / Planet E (1993)
13. PWOG : SA Track 1 - KK Records (1994)
14. In Sync : Subway Route - Irdial Discs (1993)
15. Octave One : Terraforming - 430 West (1995)
16. Soofle : How Do You Plead ? - Fnac Music Dance Division (1993)

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