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#47 'Made in Chicago' by Chicagodeep + interview


Victor Aguinaga aka Chicagodeep treats us with a real beauty of a mix.

"Made in Chicago", just as the title suggests, features only artists from Vic's hometown. It's a combination of old and new, deep and moving, just the way we like. Check out the interview, enjoy the mix, this is pure bliss.

Hey there Vic. We've enjoyed your mixes before on DR, but could you introduce yourself to our listeners real quick?

Hi, my name is Victor Aguinaga. I am Mexican/American born and raised in Chicago. I've started collecting my own records in 1992 using allowance money from my grand parents. 1995 was the year I've had basic DJ equipment if I remember correctly I had a 2 channel Numark Mixer and Gemini BD 10 turntables. 1997 saved up some money and moved up to some Technics 1200's.

What are your fondest musical memories from your childhood?

My fondest memories, that would have to be listening to all sorts of music.

My mother and father were really big on Disco, Rock, 80's POP, and of course Latin music. I grew up with parents who loved and enjoyed music so you can say I hold my parents responsible for knowing and remembering so much music back in the mid to late eighties.

I remember watching MTV and VH1 everyday with my mother and sister listening to such acts like Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna just to name a few.

What was the first record that made an lasting impression on you?

My first record thats tough it comes down between 2 records. One is Mr. Fingers-Can You Feel it & Ron Trent Altered States.

What are the favorite pieces of music you own and why?

Everything by Larry Heard his music is timeless I never get tired of hearing any of his tracks. When I hear Can You Feel it till this day that track puts me in an emotional state. Some records do that to me.

I started to collect and buy all Larry Heard records and I study them i try to figure out how he creates his magic.

Why, you ask - for me his music is just beautiful he puts down that warmth in his tracks and I can feel it.

The influence of Chicago to the whole electronic music scene has been huge. Could you tell us where, when and how you got introduced to machine made beats?

I started just recently really, still scratching the surface on producing my own tracks. My influences for moving into production were from fellow Chicago producers Chicago Skyway, Specter, Steven Tang and my good friend Taelue (Nick Marshall).

What started as just knowing them as DJ's and producers we built a friendship out of it. They all share me suggestions and ideas to help shape me into a successful producer.

We get together once in awhile and we all just jam out experimenting sounds and in this way i learn more from the gear they use.

What's the deep house scene like in Chicago today?

The deep house scene is nowhere near like how it used to be. Don't get me wrong there are still some good spots and Local DJ's in the city dropping some great house music it's just not the same.

Most promoters and club owners want their money and House Music is just not paying the bills. You hear more commercial Hip-hop and house music in Chicago.

Chicago is a tough crowd so most of them wanna hear what they already know if you don't give it to them they will just clear the floor, but it all depends where you play.

Drop a few names our listeners might not know of, that you think are worth keeping an eye on?

I would say the entire Estimulo Show DJ's they really know their music and it's all quality.

My friend Taelue (Nick Marshall), Sol Son (Radio18), Rubsilent, Tim deep, Rob Heenan, Gena Ivanov, Matthew Wieck, Pierre Elpierro, Jean Marie Houvenaghel, if you haven't heard from these guys check them out.

Why and how did you start dj'ing?

I started to DJ in 1995. I recorded many mixes from local college radio station's and I knew this was what i wanted to be. I wanted to be a presenter of music, sharing many genre's to the public. Music they are familiar with but for the most part what they are not familiar with.

"When I first had my equipment I knew nothing on how to use it, I was only 14 at the time. I was determined to learn how to DJ. I would copy blends from mixtapes and radio with the same records they used. It took me almost 7 months to understand the concept of DJing."

When I first had my equipment I knew nothing on how to use it i was only 14 at the time. I studied all the tapes I recorded and played them at local record stores and bought some of the tunes featured on the tapes.

I would stay indoors all day and learn the craft. I was determined to learn how they did it. I would copy their blends with the same records they used and it took me almost 7 months to understand the concept of DJing.

How would you describe your sound and style?

Most people say I have a unique way of mixing by extending my blends. I like this because I feel a DJ can be much of a music producer just by combining records.

I like to take one record and think out of my whole collection which record will fit nicely with the one i'm playing. For example this record has a nice pad the other a good bass line. I start by eliminating slowly certain parts of the track and combine the parts I like to the next record I'm mixing in to make it a whole new entire different sound.

Name a few dj's you feel are close to you? Why?

I never really had close DJ friends, most of my friends had no relation to the art.

My close friend right now is Nick Marshall we have the same quality and taste in music with some differences. More and more I've grown a closer with Specter, Skyway & Tang.

What's does 2011 hold for you? Releases, dj gigs etc.

I have a few upcoming gigs in Chicago. Releases not yet.

What would be a perfect year 2011 for Chicagodeep?

I would love to play overseas somewhere that would be great if that happened in 2011

So, the mix, tell us a little about that. What motivated you to do it? And what do you think it offers to the listeners of deeprhythms.com?

In this mix I've showcased many talented Chicago producers and labels that are releasing some really great music for the world to hear.

I feel it was my part to include my city and the local talent we have and share it with others even if it's just one listener I know then I succeeded.


01. Omar S. & Kai Alce-Jive Time
02. Marcellus Pittman-Loneliness Leave Me Alone
03. Orgue Electronique-Stairway To The Ocean (JTC Remix)
04. Tyrez-Functional Love
05. Specter-Bazerko
06. Obsolete Music Technology-Relapse
07. Steve Poindexter-State Of Shock
08. Hieroglyphic Being-Ancient Echoes (The Gherkin Tribute Sessions 2003)
09. Glenn Underground-Storm Raider (Tribute To Mr. Fingers)
10. Chicago Skyway-Pilsen Sunrise
11. Andreas Gehm-My So Called Robot Life pt.2
12. Longer Than Long Ago-A Relic
13. Mr. Fingers-Washing Machine
14. Gherkin Jerks-Acid Indigestion
15. Traxx-Acid Box
16. Gaucho-Dance Forever
17. Faxe-Time For Changes (Instrumental)
18. Lafleur-Dance Till We Drop (Dub Version)
19. Sharon Redd-Beat The Street (Instrumental Version)
20. Richard Jon Smith-Keep On Walkin' Out That Door (Instrumental)
21. Night Writers-Let The Music (Use You)

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