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#61 'Better Later Than Never' by Andy Green (Verdant Recordings)


Mixed by: Andy Green
Location: United Kingdom

There's so much exciting new deep music coming out right now, Andy Green's Verdant Recordings being a prime example of a label run on pure passion & enthusiasm for the music. Let's check what all this is about!

Hello Andy! Can you introduce yourself real quick to our listeners and tell us what have you been up to lately?

In no particular order: I am attempting to cling onto my residual youth and keep the following life platters spinning.....parent, husband, chancer, dancer, music collector, label dude, part-time hedonist, bedroom DJ, pharmacologist and an open-minded European. Most days I manage to fit at least 5 of these and not had too many train wrecks - my family are unbelievably accommodating and I never thank them enough.

Let's talk about Verdant Recordings. Can you tell us a bit about the label and what sort of musical aesthetic you are pushing with it?

The label venture has developed further and consumed me much more than I had ever intended, there is more about its inception further on. For now it has become an enjoyable (if not expensive) vehicle to channel my passion for electronic music.

It is self- indulgence; essentially releasing music that I would want to collect, listen or dance to, and thus far, that basic premise seems to resonate. I am intentionally keeping it diverse, a little unpredictable and avoiding anything trendy. My hope is that in the future, the music will not sound tired and dated....in my experience most good deep music works on that level.

I am also happy that the label is acknowledged for its visual aesthetic. For someone that poured over his records in the 80s' when pop music was so creative, the presentation of the music is paramount. Artwork and concept was an integral part of the experience of enjoying a record so I try to achieve that too. Of course, I'm very grateful and lucky to work with Sophie (O'Leary) on a number of the records which helps to give the record label its own identity.

Verdant is vinyl only? That feels like a pretty bold move for a label, please elaborate?

Actually, digitals are available via Bandcamp site (it really is the best site for meaningful digi revenue) but I must be doing something wrong as I don't get that many sales and you've clearly got the wrong impression..... I think I give too much away sending out Dropbox DL links.

I've totally missed this bit! Tell us more...

Usually the vinyl is available for 6-8 weeks before files to protect their sales a little, but I am all for everyone accessing whatever format and supporting the musicians.

In terms of the artists you are releasing on there, are these friends? Demos you've received? Where are you sourcing your releases?

All of those apply.... but I'd like to think I could enjoy the company of everyone who's been involved as a friend now and that is a huge upside to this whole caper.

I've been reaching out to producers that I admire and collect myself.....and to my astonishment, some are already acquainted with my recorded mix output or through which certainly helps to make my wishes a reality.

Some are long term friends who happen to be the same sonic space - I have known Rick Hopkins since we were in the same Scouts troop 40 years ago (More Dab, Dab, Dab than Dib, Dib, Dob these days ☺ ).

I'm also making an effort to expose new talented producers. Aos, Interjection, SUBSEQUENT, Low Orbit Satellite, Mihail P have had their first vinyl through the label and seeing them flourish on the back of it is truly enriching and more than offsets the financial discomfort of this venture.

Otherwise, I find the music mostly through my own listening habits which includes poking about on Discogs and Bandcamp. Respected producers are sending me their music too and this makes me very happy.

What type of release rate can we expect from Verdant? Anything forthcoming release you can tell us about?

If all goes to plan at least 3, maybe 4 records via my Juno arrangement (love and shouts to James, Sam & Team Juno).

The next release is the Receptor Theory EP with Jonno & Tommo (of Ornate Music vintage) and Sirko Müller from Berlin (Tokomak, Wandering). Their tracks are on a dub techno vibe but both have had some significant reshaping by Havantepe and RV800 - whose styles and productions I adore.

Joe Lucas (Causa) is then releasing at Sixty One and we've got some favourite producers of mine remixing those at the moment. After that some more deep electro, tech house wonk from a dear friend and fingers crossed for an ambient LP from a very talented woman.

I'm also putting in plans for a special LP from a Scandinavian dub-techno legend (no less) that will be a joint release with another wonderful UK label run by a pal. News on that in the coming month hopefully.

I remember you mentioned you very a bit of a late bloomer when it come to DJ'ing. Does it really matter?

For the previous 20 years, I assumed mixing records in vinyl tradition was too difficult and I was too afraid to get involved (and was having too much pleasure dancing by the bass bins). But around 10 years ago I was asked to look after a friend's fine collection of Detroit techno (those stayed with me for another 5 years but [most] have now gone home). She also gave me a 1210, so I bought another and started to teach myself as a challenge. Those records were the catalyst for me to start collecting vinyl again (the black crack addiction is bad right now) and everything else been a ripple effect from that pebble.

I think I've missed the DJ boat of playing out regularly, but I strongly believe you need an archive of experiences and broadly developed, cultured ear to be a good DJ...not forgetting the importance of knowing how to dance and listen properly in a club environment (Timo's note: THIS!!!).

Just for the record 'Verdant Recordings' has actually been around almost 15 years. I was putting together some ambient mixes from a sizeable CD collection but I would not call it DJing in the clubbing sense. I created a website called Verdant Recordings for those, way before sites like SoundCloud existed and I really should be participating in the chill-out room renaissance happening just now.

Can you recall a place in time where you realised that, yes, I want to start my own label?

It was during the Spring of 2016 I finally committed to do a record for myself - not a label - I just wanted to get a single record out to achieve something and leave some sort of legacy of my long relationship with music and club culture.

About then we ended up at an after-party at Sophie's house and I fell for a painting 'Emerald City' she had recently created. That became the theme of the 1st release and Emerald City now hangs in my rave cave at home. You might recall I made the odd decision to do it as a lathe cut....but at the time it was the quickest and simplest way from my perspective. I also had complete freedom on how to present the artwork which I wanted to be quite unique and luxurious.

Do you have any fond musical memories from your childhood and yes, this is important, from the time around when you were 16? Tell us a story!

I grew up in a home where recorded & radio music was prominent - none of us were musicians but dad was a classical music buff which included some Tomita LPs. My elder siblings were into Disco and Funk so I was hearing 4/4 from an early age and that stuck.

As for a story, is 18 ok?....my 18th birthday party in fact.....i'd been into clubbing for about year or so by this point. Doug Osborne (latterly Sourmash) was our local a DJ and a music guru, a big influence and was DJ for the night. It was a strange party because I am a twin and Phil had a different taste and circle of mates. Nevertheless, the music flowed into some acid house and I was typically lost in the moment with my head stuck in speaker for Oochy Koochy. It follows, that my dismayed mother is upon me trying to drag me away whilst pronouncing ....."Andrew!!! you'll go deaf !!'. I stayed put.

Continuing on the same theme, can you list a few tracks, eps, albums,
concerts or whatnot that really had a big impact on you?

Doug and the 'Old Town Crew' obviously for salad days and experiences set this whole thing in motion. Listening to Colin Dale & FSOL on Kiss100, heading down to Deep Space & Knowledge. I learned so much from the Trance Atlantic / Europe Express CD compilations and those brilliantly researched pre-internet booklets.

More recently, Bloc festival has provided so much pleasure, debauchery, deep friendships and wonderful memories.

One particular 3am DJ set from Daniel Bell (around the time of the Button Down Mind sets) left a massive impression - a perfect fusion of deep house and slower techno. It made me reappraise my mindset and look at both genres as a continuum rather than distinct styles of music.

Another huge shout for Estimulo and all the wonderful contributors like Truly, Chris, Mick, Malcolm, Mike, DaRand, Sean, Nick and Victor - their knowledge and passion shared for deep music has been an education.

What can you tell us about the mix you've put together for us?

Actually, the mix follows that notion learned from Dan Bell. I like textures and music that resonates in the mind - I hope you can sense that in that mix - its somewhat eclectic but sits together.

I chose to use a slower tempo on this and then just followed my ear - I'd like listeners of my music to be able to drift off and escape eyes closed. I'm still learning how to mix cleanly but I still get a massive thrill playing records and creating sets for myself and sharing them on my Soundcloud.

You've probably realised I'm prolific between there, doing my sessions on Timeline Music and occasional requests for guest mixes like this.

I do have some lovely, long-term followers who send me the sweetest private messages. As yet (and curiously) my appreciable on line support hasn't really translated into anything as a regular live DJ out side the parties I've promoted myself but I truly appreciate the support for the label and interest from the like of yourself Timo. Thank you X


00:00 Nthng /Shine (Trans Atlantic Records)
00:00 Dorisburg & Efraim Kent /Tecken II (Tikita)
00:00 H.O.M /Unathi [Experianza Version] (House of Mora)
00:00 Move D /77 Sunset Strip (Source Records)
00:00 Borderland (Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald /Electric Garden (Tresor)
00:00 Vakula / Untitled (Shevcenko)
00:00 Royal Crown of Sweden /Mälaren (Proibito)
00:00 Juju & Jordash /The Track David Would Play (Dekmantel)
00:00 Benjamin Brunn /Hero (Ethereal Sound)
00:00 Mr. YT /Night (Generations)
00:00 Konduku /Kris Vis Beyer Küp (Nous'klaer Audio)
00:00 Lake People /Final Conflation (Mule Musiq)
00:00 Swayzak vs Theorem /Bad Hair Day (Exalt Records)
00:00 Claudio PRC /Constant Dream (The God's Planet)
00:00 Donato Dozzy & Nuel /Aqua 3 (Spectrum Spools)
00:00 Giorgio Gigli /High Earth Orbit (Mental Groove Ltd)
00:00 Edanticonf /Star 1 (Linear Movement)
00:00 Lapien /Moonset (Tikita)
00:00 Birds ov Paradise /Åre Ljud (Aniara)
00:00 Sonitus Eco /Ruff Cutt (Cement Records)
00:00 Nthng /Lyla (Trans Atlantic Records)
00:00 Pub /Better Never (Ampoule)

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