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#67 Tet for Deeprhythms


Mixed by: Tet
Location: Munich
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Munich based Tet recorded a wonderfully intense & moody mix - very happy to have her onboard! It's perfect for bedtime listening - dreamy and mysterious - headphones recommended.

Hi there Tet, thanks for taking the time to speak with me! Let’s start with a bit of biographical detail, who you are and where you’re from? 

Thank you for having me on Deeprhythms! I am a DJ based in Munich, a part of a local DJ-collective tanz.t.raum (word play in German: dance the space, dance dream) as well as of a creative feminist collective WUT.

I am passionate about many things: music, art, design, life in general. Originally I am from the Crimea, born in the Soviet Union, but I moved to Germany in 2000.

How did you get introduced to dance music? 

It was a long and curvy path. I was always keen on jazz music, then I went through many years of consuming of different music genres like art rock, metal, but also electronic music.

Few years ago it clicked and dance music, especially techno music, provided me a structured reflection of the world or I am currently living in, which is an urban space in an european country.

So I don’t have decades of raves to look back honestly and I hope I can still turn it to my advantage. Now I am trying to catch up with the new releases and at the same time going backwards to fill in my knowledge gaps in the electronic music.

You hold a monthly residency at bloop. radio London and play out regularly. Can you tell us a little how you got started with DJ and what motivated you to start? 

As I was listening to the electronic music nonstop someone asked me a right question in the right moment - if I am so passionate about the music why am I not trying to get involved into it by myself? It was an obvious question, but I had a huge respect for the music world and for the artists.

Nevertheless I found a coaching possibility as a DJ the next day and started practicing. Then it felt like a consequent step to be able to share and support artists I keep on to discover and their music I believe in. 

Is the dancing as important as the music?

I cannot stand still if I can relate to the music. It doesn’t have to be club oriented music though. I think dancing or any body expression complements music as the music goes through your body.

But if I am playing a DJ-set I appreciate first of all if people are really paying attention to the music, either dancing or just listening carefully.

Tell us a good story about a clubnight where you were dj'ing and suddenly…

It happened recently as I played in Munich at an open air event. I was playing a track by Benjamin Fröhlich, one of my favourite producers, as he was suddenly standing in front of me. I turned very nervous but very honoured that he stopped by.

Your sound has a lot of dreamy qualities in it, where does the love for such sound come from? 

It is a good question. It’s difficult to say why I am drawn to everything deep either music, conversations or any connections. Everything dreamy contains so many layers, there is no straightforward thinking but more meandering.

I like the idea of stepping out of the reality which I can support with music.

What was the first record or a song that made a lasting impression on you? 

In the electronic music it was the album by James Holden “Idiots are Winning” (2006) as it came out. I remember listening to it over and over enjoying the whole concept and its intensity.

What would you consider to be the five most personal records to you and why? 

The Streets “Original Pirate Material” (2002)

I got introduced to it by a poetry-DJ in Munich as the album was released and went to the release concert in a small club in Munich. I even stole the poster from the doors… This album never fails to give me an energy boost ever I need it. I even put it on my playlist for a running competition once. 

Angelo Badalamenti “Soundtrack from Twin Peaks” (1990)

For me personally it is still the perfect example how the cinematic narration can get enhanced through the soundtrack. I could not resist of using it in my mix.

Recondite “Hinterland” (2013)

As I started to listen to electronic music non-stop I went to a live set by Recondite who performed “Placid” release in a small intimate venue in Munich, a café from Belle Époque. He transformed it into a magic place. But my favourite release remains “Hinterland” as I still remember the fresh feeling I had while absorbing electronic music at that time.

Hauschka - “Abandoned City” (2014)

I was following on Hauschka releases before but “Abandoned City” felt very contemporary and astonishing in its sound and production technics. I love how the piano sound is twisted and alienated and I love the concept of the album itself too. 


Portishead - Album “Dummy” (1994)

I discovered this album much later after it was released, as I moved from the Ukraine to Germany and I was astonished about its groove and about the sound of Beth Gibbons voice.

I myself think that in the last of 2 or 3 years there’s been kind of an electronic music revival! A lot of indie labels & artist are releasing super interesting creations without any compromises or commercial ambitions, just doing it for the love of music. Do you share this view and where do you think it comes from? 

I absolutely share your opinion on this and I am excited about the diversity in the music scene we have right now. The easier access to production tools, such platforms as Bandcamp and of course social media helped a lot in encouraging the artists to put outside their bold and edgy projects and to find new listeners I think.

For me it is a bliss as I see myself more as a selector and I am always looking for the hidden gems I can share.

Can you describe a perfect track for a Tet DJ set, what are the ingredients?

This track should owe some special qualities: It can either touch your soul or it can lock you in its groove. 

So the mix, can you tell us a little something about that?

I knew immediately it will be a mix that accompany you at the nighttime, when all senses get intensified and you still have something that occupies your mind. It is mysterious and dark with the moments of full clarity. I knew also that it should be connected to David Lynch, as his movies had a huge impact on me. 

I very recently discovered the amazing French artist Antoine Cordet and fell in love with one of his paintings in particularly that I felt connected to the idea of the mix. I am happy to be allowed to use it as an artwork to the mix. It is called “MIDNIGHT WITH SOME GENIUS”.

It is not a club oriented mix and for me personally it feels very intense and I hope this journey is worth of listening.



Many thanks again Tet, anything you’d like to add? 

I am very grateful for the opportunity to present myself at Deeprhythms. Feeling very honoured to deliver a mix to the amazing series where so many great names appeared.


01. Luc Myle - Asset 001-2 [Hidden Assets]
02. Black Merlin - DE 2.1 [Die Orakel]
03. Luc Myle - Asset 001-5 [Hidden Assets]
04. Data Room - D_E_B [Ecke Records]
@user-565778536 @eckerecords
05. Max Wyatt - 東京の雨が降る (Rain Fall In Tokyo Mix) [Dansu Discs]
06. queniv - Viewpoint Clarity [Native Response]
07. Reptant - Monolith [Planet Euphorique]
08. Nite Fleit - Psychic and Mental [Steel City Dance Discs]
09. Hymns - Water Acid [Salt Mines]
10. EB King - Buffalo Heart Giant [GLYK]
11. Apartao - Miedo1994 [Life Bypass]
12. HAAi - Growing Up With Muscle Cars [Coconut Beats]
13. Lakker - A Whisper in Your Ear [R&S Records]
14. Keys - Conquest [R.I.O. Label]
15. Thomas Ragsdale - Yes [unreleased]
16. Angelo Badalamenti - The Bookhouse Boys (Instrumental) [Warner Records] @warnerrecords  
17. K-Lone - Bells [Wisdom Teeth]
@k-lone93 @wisdomteeth-uk

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Location: Munich
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Munich based DJ, seriously addicted to electronic music

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