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#73 Moskalus for Deeprhythms


Hey Marek/Mosklaus! Let’s start of with a quick introduction!

My name is Marek Moskal, best known as Moskalus. I run a YouTube channel and upload music regularly. I live in Ostrava, Czech Republic, where i am part of an collective called Audio Video Bass and we are running events all around the city.

How you got introduced to dance music?

Thats quite difficult to answer. But i think there were lot of notable resources, like video games, movies and streams from Love Parade for example. I remember when my dads friend gave us Grand Theft Auto 2, it came out with mix CD curated by Rob Payford!

Can you tell us a little about how you started with DJ’ing in the first place and what motivated you back then?

Thats a quite funny story. My friend Nicolas aka LaTeTe asked me if i want his old CDJs, so he just sent them my way. My father helped me to get an dj mixer and i also had to sold my bike to get some speakers haha! 

Besides that i feel like there was a little pressure from my fans. There were lot of people asking me why i dont dj and if i do, they would like to invite me. So thats how i started. PS: I actually never had any intention to start dj.

You’ve run a highly popular Youtube channel for more tan 8 years or so. How did that start?

Yes, it’s actually 10 years! This is my third channel. I have had some copyright issues and the other ones got deleted by youtube. 

It all started in 2007 or 2008, i was just searching for music in lot of different ways back then. One of them was youtube, but in that era YouTube was just in their beginnings so lot of stuff just was not there. I just told myself why don’t you upload it yourself? There must be lof ot other people too, searching for that specific track.

Obviously you get sent a lot of music - how do you choose which ones to premier?

Oh yeah man, i got like 700 tracks every month, sometimes even 1000 :)! All promos and stuff. I feel like i was always lucky when it comes to music I get. 

Theres always one or two tracks i really like, so its quite easy. Anyway,my main goal is to motivate the homies to go and step up their grind, so i am open to help everyone.

Also, you are directing videos - can you tell us about that part?

Oh yeah. In 2014 i felt like i need to do something more for the scene. So i just started doing a little video edits. 

I think this was life changing for me because i got an offer to do videos for 50Weapons. Now I do videos only sometimes, since its a bit time consuming and now with dayjob and all the stuff going on with Moskalus its bit hard to manage all hehe.

Apart from DJ’ing, directing and curating the channel you also have a radio show - how does it all play together?

I have to say that running the channel & soundcloud is super time consuming. 

But it has its benefits for sure. I have lot of great music to play on the show. Regarding the show, i am inviting female dj’s i think that need more attention.

With all the in mind, does the motivation to DJ still come from the same original source or has it changed? 

For me it is still the same! The older I am the more it all makes sense. 

Only thing I wish is that I’d have more free time for all of this. Or maybe Ii just need to get more disciplined? Maybe.

Are there any other musical endeavours we don’t know about?

One of my dreams was to do events here in my hometown, Ostrava. 

Now I have an crew of great people and we are doing our own parties right here! I am also going to launch a label real soon!

Do you have any fond musical memories from your childhood, like what was the first record or a song that made a lasting impression on you? 

It is definitely Played A Live by Safri Duo! That was year 2003 i think. 

I heard this track in Algida ice cream commercial that was on TV. Took me quite some time to find that song after the years. 

There are also few more cool songs from early 00’s. For example Summer Jam by The Underdog Project or Lady by Modjo! It always makes me think about the good old days and summer, of course!

What would you consider to be the five most personal tracks to you and why?

Tricky question!

John Roberts - Ever Or Not [Dial]

I really do not know how to describe my love for this track and album. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. John Roberts has his own specific sound. He is one of a kind. I am happy because i came across this album almost ten years ago and i can still listen to it over and over again. I am sad because i feel like that music from ten years ago had something special in it. It is kinda hard for me to describe it, maybe i am too nostalgic.

Jan Jelinek - Tendency [~scape]

I believe this one is favourite of many people. This album opened the world of minimalism for me. I listen to Jan Jelinek’s productions almost every day. Yes, i love him that much.

Jeremy - Spiritual Reality [Tonika Recordings]

You know a tune is great? When you go into your own little world and only realise when it ends. Jeremy aka The Timewriter aka Jean Frank Cochois (alongside with Terry Lee Brown Jr.) is/are the best producers in the world! Period. I have heard thousands of tracks in my life but never heard something like these two made. I still wonder why did they stopped releasing?

The combination of the track and the video is something special! Fits together perfectly. And the vibe of the track, damn! Almost 11 minutes of constant progression. Such an masterpiece. One of the best dub techno tracks ever made.

Pal Joey - Spend The Night [Loop D' Loop]

This last one by legendary new yorker Pal Joey. This track is from 1991! He was so ahead of his time. Probably most underrated house producer of all time. I am so glad that i discovered this guy. I recommend to check his website and read his diary. Real as a man can be!

You have curated a lot of artists and tracks for your shows, who are the artists and DJ’s you think deserve more attention than they get currently? 

Oh, at this moment? Baltra, No_4mat, my man DJ Bowlcut and the whole Korean crew (Anchore, Jae Young, Purvitae, C’est Qui), then my guys from Yellow Island Records, At Dawn (Routine Espresso Recordings), Bcharre (pocketmoth), Meg Ward, DJ Manny, Andrew Red Hand and more!

So the mix, can you tell us a little something about that? 

This mix is 100% House oriented. I tried to go more into the afro, deep & soulful kind of sound.


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Location: Ostrava, The Czech Republic
Moskalus YT | Soundcloud

My name is Moskalus and i run a YouTube channel and upload music regulary.

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