October 7, 2001 | Mixes

#15 'Pressure'


Mixed by: Timo Facebook Soundcloud

I've been burning the candle from the both ends for the past 3 weeks, but it's time to put a stop to that niw. This mix is drifting between dubby deep house and techier tracks with some Dub on top + it's also the first DR mix to feature outboard effetcs. Soothing deep and atmospheric sounds by Kemeticjust, Wamdue project, Charles Webster etc.


Kemeticjust - For your love [Silver Network 12"]
Wamdue Project - In the back of your mind [Strictly Rhythm 12"]
Ananda Project feat. Terrence Downs - Falling for you
(Blaze's Shelter After Hours mix) [Nitegrooves 12"]
Playin' 4 the city feat. Karl the Voice - Say to you [Maine 12"]
Mato - Tribe (Special dub version) [Wave Music 12"]
Terry Francis - Reggae's house [Pagan 12"]
Rhythm & Sound w/ Cornell Campbell - King in my empire [Burial Mix 10"]
Oneiro - Shhh! (Circles & circles of sorrow) [Classic 12"]
Charles Webster - I understand you (Wamdue remix) [Peacefrog 12"]

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The sole idea of this site is to promote a little lesser known underground electronic music producers, DJ's and labels. I usually gravitate towards ethereal, somewhat cosmic end of the electronic music spectrum and I warmly welcome all the surprises I'm thrown at by inviting international guests for the site.

DR started with deep house but has since broadened the scope to include all varieties of electronic music.

Recently, I've become involved in two labels. I head Echocentric Records and I'm the other half of Coymix Ltd together with Steffan T. The same basic ethos behind those too.

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