November 14, 2003 | Special Mixes

2 Freeflow live sets


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Timo & Pirkka - oct 29th

1st hour is Timo, middle part back to back, end part Pirkka. No tracklist. Very laid back set. There were lots of problems with the stream so the first 30mins is choppy and the mixing leaves a lot to be desired. Good tracks though.

Timo- sep 17th

The "house is burning broadcast" - originally was supposed to do this with Pirkka, but when he showed up and was cueing in his first record the place was evacuated due to a fire next door. This one is heavily on Theo Parrish, Moodyman & Track Mode tip.

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The sole idea of this site is to promote a little lesser known underground electronic music producers, DJ's and labels. I usually gravitate towards ethereal, somewhat cosmic end of the electronic music spectrum and I warmly welcome all the surprises I'm thrown at by inviting international guests for the site.

DR started with deep house but has since broadened the scope to include all varieties of electronic music.

Recently, I've become involved in two labels. I head Echocentric Records and I'm the other half of Coymix Ltd together with Steffan T. The same basic ethos behind those too.

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