April 23, 2020 | Special Mixes

Flux Podcast - 97- Deeprhythms

Mixed by: Timo Facebook Soundcloud

A mix for the wonderful Flux Music.


Based in Finland, Deeprhythms is the brainchild of Helsinki-native Timo. He is truly immersed in underground electronic music, having curated an extensive podcast series with over 200 hours of mixes. Timo also runs the label "Echocentric Records" and has been a DJ for over two decades. Here are some words from Timo about the mix:

"I've always had a soft spot for modulated resonating synth drones, so here's a 60-minute inner resonance exploration."

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1 - Neinzer - Reel In - Body Verse
2 - Escape Artist - Supernature - Salt Mines
3 - Mattheis - Blue Robins - Nous'klaer Audio
4 - Pugilist - Mutual Understanding - Pugilist
5 - Sleep D - Bugger - Planet Euphorique
6 - Ntel - Swarm - Garmo
7 - Tom Place - Corrupted Circuits - Bade Records
8 - Customer Service - Dance First, Think Later - Control Freak Recordings
9 - Pugilist - Untitled - Nous'klaer Audio
10 - Sleep D - Green Pond - Planet Euphorique
11 - LT - Sputnik (B.S.S) - X-Kalay
12 - Big Zen - LoveUm - DustWORLD
13 - Guava - Segelflugzeug - Control Freak Recordings
14 - Tom Place - Elementals - Typeless
15 - Gacha Bakradze - A2 Toulouse - Horoom
16 - Reallynicedad - Deep Space Navigation - Forthcoming on Echocentric Records


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The sole idea of this site is to promote a little lesser known underground electronic music producers, DJ's and labels. I usually gravitate towards ethereal, somewhat cosmic end of the electronic music spectrum and I warmly welcome all the surprises I'm thrown at by inviting international guests for the site.

DR started with deep house but has since broadened the scope to include all varieties of electronic music.

Recently, I've become involved in two labels. I head Echocentric Records and I'm the other half of Coymix Ltd together with Steffan T. The same basic ethos behind those too.

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