November 3, 2021 | Special Mixes

Mitaminelab 652: Timo Deeprhythms (drone | ambient)

Mixed by: Timo Facebook Soundcloud

Some of you might know about my deep affection for drones, shoegazer, distortion and atonal soundscapes.

Here's a meditative ambient mix constructed of the above mentioned elements for the wonderful Mitamine Lab - this was probably the most immersive and transformative mix I've made in a very long while. Many thanks for the invite Mim GF! Links in comments, sit back and enjoy.

Artwork curated by Mitaminelab.


[00:00:00] Luis Delgado - El llanto de Nouronihar
[00:04:19] Spectrum - Feedback
[00:07:02] Steve Reich & Pat Metheny - Fast (Edit)
[00:12:57] Dave Angel Airborne (Drums Suck Mix) (Edit)
[00:16:48] Javier Segura - Malagueñas 2
[00:20:48] Headlock - Sky
[00:28:28] Placid Angels - When The Sun Shines Through
[00:32:00] Sun Electric - Afterglow
[00:36:48] Deep Space Network - Distension
[00:39:21] Spectrum - Then I Just Drifted Away
[00:46:04] Spiritualized - F 699 Hz
[00:48:28] Horizon 222 - A Midsummer Night's Dream (Titania Mix)
[00:53:16] noyzelab - FM40P-r90Subtree17_1#04
[00:55:31] Colours of Infinity - Quavers
[00:59:12] Youthman(29) - B3: 3-00
[01:01:55] Rashida Prime - Diverted
[01:10:14] Akim Drml - Lost in my mind

Download Mitaminelab 652: Timo Deeprhythms

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