November 25, 2003 | Special Mixes

Vodka Sessions vol 1 & 2 - Dan & Timo back to back


Mixed by: Timo Facebook Soundcloud

Dan from visited Helsinki last weekend. Hear what 2 dj's fueled with vodka & cranberry managed to produce over the course of two days filled with Helsinki nightlife, snowy weather & spinning records.

Very varied stuff - from 1996 classic house to the latest Jori Hulkkonen promo ep - hope you enjoy them.

Session 1 - 'Cranberry Juice and Ice'

By Timo & Dan on saturday night 22/11/2003 | 79:17
1. Passion Dance Orchestra "Inner Dance" (Inner Music)
2. DJ Rasoul "They Keep Coming" (NightShift)
3. Jori Hulkkonen "Flavar" (HandProd promo)
4. Black Mamba "The Zulu Track" (Trax)
5. Presence "How To Live" (Remote)
6. Needs "Inner Glow (Lasting Forever) (Needs)
7. Chris Gray "Chambers of the house" (Subwoofer)
8. Scram "Work Me" (Strictly)
9. Flow "African morning" (Bottom Line)
10. Fresh and low "Espresso" (Crucial)
11. Seidensticker "track 1, side a" (Out to lunch)
12. Glissando Bros. "Flowers" (Stir15)

Session 2 - 'The Recovery'

By Timo & Dan on sunday afternoon 23/11/2003 | 83:49

1. Crustation w/ Bronagh Slevin - Flame (Jive)
2. Greg Long - Skindiving (Imperial Dub)
3. Charles Webster - Your Life (Peacefrog)
4. Daniel Lui - Big Smoke Nights vol 2 (Chair Recordings)
5. Love From San Francisco - Fantasy 3 (SubWoofer)
6. Stranger & C-Rell - Drum Whispers (Subwoofer)
7. Damaged Sole - Feels Nice (Deep4Life)
8. Atjazz - It's Complete (Mantis Recordings)
9. Chris Gray - For Jazzymn (Fragmented Records)
10. Salt City Orchestra - This Pagan Thing (Pagan)
11. Street Corner Symphony - Symphomaniac (Street Corner Records)
12. Larry Heard - We Come in Peace (Track Mode)
13. Abstract Truth - We had a thing (Streetwave)

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