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What's is

DeepRhythms is a site dedicated to deep underground house music. Deeprhythms started in 2001.

Deep Rhythms works on a non-profit basis - the purpose is solely to spread the word of house music. Check out our links section for others who share the same passion.

Who does the mixes?

  • Most of the mixes were made by Timo Rotonen
  • David Wolf is the other part of deeprhythms, making mixes on a more irregular basis
  • Resident DJ's Timo & David publish mixes roughly every second month.
  • Various guest dj's, who were asked to do a mix for us and kindly did. Guest mixes are published in 3 week intervals.
  • As of 2009, Henderick Mitchell hosts a weekly mixshow and also does a monthly special.

Who maintains this site?

This site is run by Timo Rotonen out of Helsinki, Finland./p>

What kind of equipment does use?

  • Vinyl records
  • Ms. Pinky vinyl controllers + Ms. Pinky plug (read: Spartan Serato alternative)
  • 2 Technics SL-1200MK2 turntables
  • Hi-Level PM5000 rotary mixer (Timo)
  • Pioneer DJM-300 mixer (David)
  • Apple MacBook Pro's for recording

What's the bitrate/quality of the downloadable files?

  • Mp3: 128 to 320kbs
  • Real Audio has been discontinued on the site

Aren't free mp3 downloads, like, illegal?

No. It's just a file format. Also, we believe that the mixes we make are a good form of free promotion for the artists and labels we feature.

Since we also provide direct links to records shops where you can get a copy of the records (most of them hard to find and 2nd hand is the only option), we strongly believe we are not giving anything away for free.

Also, given the amount of promos and feedback we have received, itäs clear that the labels and artists feel the same way.

I'm an upcoming/established producer, can I get my tracks in your mix or can you review them?

Of course! There's nothing we like more than hearing new interesting music.

All promos we receive will be reviewed and feedback will be sent to the sender. Or if the records is good, a review will appear on the site.

Vinyl is the preferred format. In recent years, since the music industry has been digitalzed, we've hopped on the bandwagon. We use Ms. Pinky control vinyl and software in combination with "regular" vinyl records.

I'm an upcoming DJ, can you review my mix?

The easiest and best way is to upload your mix to a website and mail us a direct download link together with a playlist.

But, we cannot guarantee any feedback. It's nothing personal, we just have our hands full with our dayjobs, families, promo records and our own music production stuff.

Can I be featured as a guest DJ?

Probably not, since all guest DJ slot are filled by invitation only. Again, nothing personal there. Some advice:

  1. Guest mixes are not something we do in regular intervals, say once a month. Guest mixes appear usually by invitation only - like with Roxnadz, Nica, Keto, Kris Verex. They are all good friends of ours. If something good comes our way then we ASK for a guest mix.
  2. We only feature mixes that we think stand out from the grey mass - they're interesting musically, daring, have a very unique feel etc - mixes that make us go "sheeeeeeet!" when we hear them and make us want to put them up here. So, a mix compiled of the latest house "hits" propably won't cut it no matter how well the mixing technique. Make us go WOW.
  3. We want to know the dj's we feature well - it's easy actually, drop us a mail or two, contact us over AIM and let's talk. We need to be sure you share the same passion for music and you an overall nice guy/girl - this is not for the ones looking for free promotion and free HD space. It's a community thing, all for one, one for all to put it in a corny way. But you'll get the idea, if you don't, well....
  4. Mixing technique is secondary, music is everything
  5. Finally - why all this? We actually pay quite a lot to keep this thing online from our own pockets and we do this for the love of music. So, we want you to understand what our viewpoint is and what our goals are. Our goal is simply to provide quality house music to our listerners. It's that simple. We have no sponsors so we keep things rolling with hard earned money ;)
  6. Before requesting a guest spot read through these guidelines once again.

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