January 2, 2009 | Mixes

#49 'Some Other Day'


Mixed by: Timo
Location: Helsinki, Finland
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Sometimes it takes a while. You love a track but can't quite seem to find a slot for it in a mix. "I'll save it for later", but when the next time comes the same thing happens.

Who knows, maybe that certain track just cries out for equally classy company. This time, that one track is Rezkar's "Any Day Now" on Altered Moods Recordings. What a surprising, original and elevating piece of music! (Make sure you don't miss Rezkar's hot new 12" Mediterranean Affair also on AMR).

I think I managed to build this mix around it quite nicely. Starting up slowly with arppeggiated synth lines overlapping each other from one track to the other. Let's build some tension with more bass heavy tracks. And then, Rezkar heads for heights... when the last chords of Any Day now trail off, it's time to put on another gear and go for a tracky representation of modern house music with Cavalier & Anonym pulling the strings.

Other tracks worth a mention are a hot Andre Kroenert number from his forthcoming ep on Ostwind, beautiful 'Under the Palm trees' by Mo'Joe and Leonid's simplistic 'SH1' (...which makes me miss my Sh-3a).

Feels good to start the year with a new mix, hope you all enjoy it!


00:00 I:Cube - Pazuzu - Versatile - 2008
07:34 Andre Kroenert - Salzwasserliebe - Ostwind Records - promo/feb 2009
12:01 Sascha Braemer - Around - Kindisch - 2008
18:17 Sten - The Gate - Dial - 2008
23:41 Mo'Joe - Under the Palm Trees - White - 2008
28:31 Cavalier - Deep Rider - Drumpoet Community - 2008
33:55 The Lost Men - Heard:Unhurt - Drumpoet Community - 2008
39:01 Leonid - SH1 - Statik Entertainment - 2007
42:55 Herb LF - Track O'Six - Troubled Kids - 2008
49:41 Rezkar - Any Day Now - Altered Moods Recordings - 2007
55:50 Cavalier - The Beat - Drumpoet Community - 2008
59:56 Anonym - I Can't (Stop Loving You) - bloop Recodings - 2008
68:40 Kosuke Anamizu - buDwonKtnoDuoY - Mule Electronic - 2006

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Location: Helsinki, Finland
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Timo Rotonen is the founder of Deeprhythms.com, owner at Echocentric Records and one half of the label Coymix Ltd. A DJ for over two decades, always looking for unearthed gems to share.

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