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26 Jun 09

#50 'Moonwalk'


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Location: Helsinki, Finland

Timo Rotonen is the founder of deeprhythms. A DJ for over decade, always looking for unearthed gems to share.



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So here we are, almost 8 years have passed since this site first went online. I never thought it would take this long to publish the 50th mix, but oh well, quality over quantity right?

But seriously - I'm not going to get sentimental here, don't worry. 50 mixes, almost the same number of excellent guest set, Henrerick's monthly show, plenty of specials - DR has become quite an archive of amazing music. So, let me take this opportunity to send a big thank you to all the artist, labels and individuals who make, release and promote this music.

I also like to thank all the good people out there who've shown their support to us over and over again. Keep sharing your stories! (Funny enough, I've always thought that every mix on this site is a little diary entry.)

And thanks to all the friends I've made throughout the years via deeprhythms, you know who you are.

So, the story behind this mix? I wish there was one! I just went and played some of my current favorite tunes, but I guess it's worth noting that I only realised that I had been spinning for 90 mins when I stopped and looked at the length of the audio file. This music can really take you places :)

I just submerged into tracks by Chris Gray (..who has been a major inspiration over the years, support Chris and get his new album), Sevensol & Bender (Kann Records, oh man!), Mr. Done, Deymare, Classic Man and that off the hook remix by FCL (mark my words, We Play House is going to be an influential label) - not forgetting all the rest.

The title of the mix originates from the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, but quite tragically as of today, it now has doube meaning. R.I.P. MJ.

Hope you enjoy it and all the other mixes on this site - let us know what you think!


00:00 Rene Breitbarth - Sphere - Deep Data - 2009
07:36 The Offsetters - Love Ritual (Westpark Unit Dub) - Farside - 2006
11:54 Deymare - Calling Detroit - Stupendous Music - 2009
16:58 C.B. Funk - Deep Sea - Story - 2009
21:47 Rene Breitbarth - Miner 49er - Deep Data - 2009
26:30 Chris Gray - Salvadoran Psalm - Deep4Life- 2009
31:24 Classic Man- Rapid Winds - Nervous - 1993
36:44 Marco Bernardi - Mystery of Nazerus (version 2) - Clone - 2009
39:44 Till Von Sein - Lied 9 - Trenton Records - 2009
45:13 Deymare - Just How Deep Is - Stupendous Music - 2008
50:00 Drain Pipe - Untitled - Tonika Records - 1998
56:33 Leonid - Resting II - Statik Entertainment - 2008
62:30 Smith / Hall - Love's Call (Love's Dub) - Mixmode Recordings - 2009
66:30 From P-60 - Unkown Roads - Night Grooves - 2006
71:42 Mr. Done - Diamond - Altered Moods Recordings - 2009
76:07 Sevensol & Bender - Live At Coliseum - Kann Records - 2008
82:06 Ramon Tapia & Maxim Lany - Highway (FCL Remix) - We Play House Recordings - 2009
88:02 Lauer - Renard With No Regard - Brontosaurus - 2006
91:57 END

// occasional radio transmission samples are from Apollo 11 landing, it's been 40 years since they put men on the moon!


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