DJ biography: Andy Grant

Location: Washington, DC, USA | DC house grooves | Soundcloud

Andy Grant is an experienced DJ from Washington, DC. His varied style includes house from all ends of the spectrum.

Andy mixes classic house grooves with more recent deep house sounds, never dwelling too long in one genre, celebrating the variety of quality tracks from the last twenty years – even dropping the occasional disco track in diverse sets.

In the mid-nineties he dedicated a large portion of his life DJing in various clubs and parties around London. Following his move to Scotland in 1998, he spent several years playing clubs in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Following a move to Washington DC in 2004, his musical outlet has been the Internet, his sets being found across a number of Internet radio stations and web sites. His live sets as resident DJ on the Planetsoul Network have been something to look out for, and his own site DC House Grooves was established in 2004 to showcase some of his finer sets.

dchousegrooves was originally set up in 2004 as a site to host house music mixes from washington dc based dj andy grant. that’s me, by the way. over the last few years, free time has become more scarce, the mixes dried up, and the web site fell into disrepair, with dead links, unhosted mixes and seriously out of date content. welcome to the new dchousegrooves site, reincarnated in blog form. here i hope to add new mixes, photos, and commentary about whatever happens to be on my mind. will the content flow, or will it stagnate like the old site? who knows. i guess we’ll find out!

the mixes on this site are intended to help promote music by underground artists. if you like what you hear, please seek out and buy music from these artists.

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February 04

#11 'Moving House' by Andy Grant

By Andy Grant in Guest Mixes

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