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I'm a Belgian house dj running the We Play House Recordings label. Nuff said?!

We Play House Recordings is the brainchild of DJ Red D. Having played at hundreds of parties over the last 15 years it only took one listen to the music of San Soda to decide it was time to start a music label of his own. In the midst of the download craze and the flooding of the market with millions of mediocre tracks by hundreds of bedroom digital labels We Play House Recordings aims to stand out with quality. Quality in music, quality in sound, quality in design and quality in distribution.

Our music will be released on vinyl first and foremost and will be available through a couple of selected digital download sites in the near future. The vinyl distribution is in the capable hands of Rush Hour in Amsterdam.

All up to date info and sound files of our recent releases can be found on our My Space page.

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November 10

Red D (We Play House) interview & mix

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