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Location: Sheffield, Britain (UK) | Trackwerk | Soundcloud

Scott is one half of the website, which has been running for about 7 years. By now, anyone into deep house should be aware of the website and has enjoyed the mixes.

Scott: "I've been into house music in general since it exploded in the UK in 1988, and I have always tended to be more interested in the deeper side of house and techno. I'm now in my early 40s, and I have been DJ'ing since I was about 20, I played a few bars and clubs in my younger days, but I was never that bothered to be honest - I always much preferred to play at house parties with friends when things were winding down."

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November 18

#58 'Tinsley Towers' by Trackwerker

By Trackwerker in Guest Mixes

February 12

#53 'Stop, listen' by Trackwerker

By Trackwerker in Guest Mixes

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