October 2, 2006 | Guest Mixes

#16 'Margarine plantation' by Le Dub Dwell


Night Drive Music boss André Kroenert made this exclusive mix for us consisting of material released through various netlabels he runs.

And it's an excellent example of today's true underground innovation. It is happening at grass roots level - small, a little lessknown artists are producing amazing music in their home studios and spreading it over the internet in digital format. And then someone like André picks the cream of the crop and stamps "NDM approved" label on it so we know it's worth a good listen.

André also produces under various monikers, Neurotron being probably the most familiar one to a regular DR visitor. Download the mix, press play and enjoy.


1. Segeke - ILL (Night Drive Music)
2. Daniel Ceballos - Deep Rhythms (2600 Records)
3. Arhitekt - Point Of View (2600 Records)
4. Vincent Casanova - Doves In Paradise (2600 Records)
5. Kellyyss - Hot Rain (2600 Records)
6. Ascend - Womi (Night Drive Music)
7. Eloi Brunelle - Marion (Night Drive Music)
8. M. Rahn - Moonboot Steps (Night Drive Music)
9. The Messenger - Sense of Tomorrow (2600 Records)
10. Monogen - Simply Music (Night Drive Music)
11. Dark Vibrations - Goticos (Night Drive Music)
12. Neurotron - Clear Sky (Neurotron Music)
13. Jeff Bennett - Smoke in the Shadow (Night Drive Music)
14. Arphaus - Plywood (Night Drive Music)
15. El Farouki feat. Kellyyss - Sad End (Night Drive Music)

All tracks mixed and mastered by Le Dub Dwell exclusive for deeprhythms.com.


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Le Dub Dwell

Location: Güstrow, Germany
| Soundcloud

As one half of Neurotron [a] and the boss behind the label Night Drive Music [l] [check out the label’s tracks in the player below), André Kronert was born in 1978 in Germany. His favourite styles vary from deep techno and house to kicking minimal. Regardless of what style André Kronert spins, you can be sure to hear a solid set. His love for music is reflected in his audience and he enjoys seeing full dance floors.

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