January 28, 2007 | Guest Mixes

#18 'Deep Atmosphere' by Tom Larson


Mixed by: Tom Larson
Location: Thüringia, Germany

I got to know Tom Larson's work through Night Drive Music's podcasts, listened to his sets on his site and was impressed. So, when his mix cd dropped into my mailbox it was easy to say "yes" and publish it here. This mix is, in lack of better terms, deep and moving. Beautiful music. In his own words: "I play some deep Stuff from Netlabels around the World. I'm inspired by deep Music from Detroit. My styles : Deep House,Tech House,Dub,Electro,Minimal. Deep Music is my Life, my Emotions and Feelings. For me Electronic Music is timeless"


1. Dreiton - Late Night - www.dreiton.net
2. Kellyyss - Stray Thoughts - www.26-00.com
3. Marco Nega - Chordwaver - www.mixomat-recordings.com
4. EL Farouki - Circular - www.night-drive-music.com
5. Parametric - Panorama - www.smt-rec.de
6. Killahertz - Dub for Kids - www.fragmentmusic.net
7. The Messenger - Desire - www.night-drive-music.com
8. Dark Vibrations - Asfixia (Como Metodo) - www.night-drive-music.com
9. Kellyyss - Poseidon - www.night-drive-music.com
10. Neurotron - Small within Big - www.neurotron-music.com
11. Chris Air - Honigmilch (Bruno mix) - www.dreiton.net
12. Eric Delay - Forbidden Love - www.tropic-netlabel.de
13. The Messenger - Lost Friends - www.26-00.com
14. Monogen - Lounge - www.night-drive-music.com
15. Neurotron - The Leading Edge - Deep Records
16. The Messenger - Guided - www.night-drive-music.com
17. Raganova - 6,5 - www.night-drive-music.com
18. Arhitekt - Hydrosphere - www.26-00.com

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DJ profile
Tom Larson

Location: Thüringia, Germany
| Soundcloud

Tommy was born on October 24,1979 in Sonneberg.

At the Age of 16 he discovered his love for electronic music. At that time he was inspired by music sets of Ben Sims , Craig Richards , Richie Hawtin and many other artists.He also had a big interest in spinning records.In 2000 Tom began to create Mixes...

He put on records in many reputable locations in his homeland and at numerous radio stations like Sputnik Radio & Klangkollektiv.com @ Wartburg Radio Eisenach / Germany for example. He convinced the Public keen on party with his ingenious DJ Skills. Let yourself be convinced of his skills!!

In 2006 he discovered the Netlabelscene with some great Mixes on : Deepindub.org , Deeprhythms.com , Dreiton.net , Direktschall.de , Loopzilla.de , Mixotic.net & Sonicwalker.com . His Motto is to present good,danceable and deep Music.

Tom : “For me,electronic music is timeless”. Have fun,dream or dance,folks!

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