June 10, 2009 | Guest Mixes

#31 'Truetek' by Brad Peterson


Mixed by: Brad Peterson
Location: Edinburgh, UK (Scotland)

Brad Peterson returns for the third time as a guest dj. His other mixes are "Hi-Tek House" and 'The Evidence', both amazing excursions in to the deeper realms of underground house music.

Truetek takes a differrent approach. Brad offers a selection of raw and deep techno, a take-no-prisoners mix that may leave you breathless. The beauty lies in the percussive energy of the tracks, the sweeping synth pads and in the occasional piano chords. Brad shows us that deep dance music exists in many forms, the approach can be different but the results are the same - timeless and beautiful music that leaves you crawing for more.

I've been listening to this 7 days straight, at least once a day and it's growing on me more and more. A classic mix.

In Brad's words: "Truetek...a journey through the sounds of some raw, deep techno.

I picked up most of these records in a little shop in Offenbach, Deuchland the last time I was in Europe. To me this shop was a glimmer of hope in that original, underground music still has a place and enough listeners to maintain support.

Here in the states, it has become very difficult to get good records for those who know the deep sound, whatever genre it may be.

I would like to say thanks to those folks (especially on the web) that put the music first. Also thanks to the record labels & producers that don't follow trends, thanks to the little shops like this one in Offenbach, and thanks to the various scenes scattered around the world and the people that really do keep it deep and real.

Finally, thanks to the few people in "the business" that still care about quality underground music while trying to survive. Let's keep this music alive with your support!

You can check my soundcloud or myspace for more mixes and updates on future releases:

Peace & Respect to all of you out there that really do support this music."

- Brad


00:00 - Kenji Kikuchi - Blue Milk - Raum...Musik
01:45 - D-Nox & Beckers - Shanghigh (Patrick  Zigon Rmx) - Electribe
05:05 - D-Knox - Make Your Body Move - Sonicmind
08:55 - Cécille Numbers - Who Do You Believe In? - Cécille
12:50 - Sebastian San & Simon Fache - Rising Sun - Planet E
17:30 - Martin Buttrich - Stoned Autopilot - Planet E
22:05 - Mattew Johnson - The End has Begun (Tiger Rmx) - Railyard
27:45 - Kenny Larkin - Androgenous (orig. mix) - Rush Hour
31:10 - Ifran - Red Giants (orig raw) - Stillmusic
38:45 - Spirit Catcher & Compuphonic - Dream Machine - 2020Vision
43:05 - Sven Weisemann - Kiss of Abana - Mojuba
50:13 - Cpen - Mind Control - Seasons
54:00 - Two Armadillos - Patience - Four Twenty
56:00 - Spirit Catcher & Compuphonic - Mastermind - 20:20Vision
60:20 - Danny Ocean - Lights In My Dark World - Desolat
62:35 - Tob Jona (a.r.t.less) - Adiabatic - Mojuba
67:00 - Two Armadillos - Patience (other mix by Will Saul & Tam Cooper) - Four Twenty
72:29 - Brad Peterson (Trackmachine) - Rainbows - TBA Moods & Grooves
78:00 - Quantec - T1 - Styrax Leaves
80:05 END

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Brad Peterson

Location: Edinburgh, UK (Scotland)
| Soundcloud

"I started experimenting with making tracks and buying dance music records in 92, after I was exposed to the midwest techno and house scenes which was unlike anything I ever heard and changed my life."

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