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#33 'Binary Format' by Pinky Chukkles


A mix worth the wait

I'm so pleased to present this mix to our listeners. A long time coming, but if you ask a busy perfectionist for a mix you need to be prepared to wait. And while 4 years is quite a log time, it sure was worth it. A mix made using only digital releases by a man who is an avid vinyl collector is something special as a curiosity, but the real message here is that medium should not matter at all. It's the music that tells the story.

The first mix I ever heard by Pinky was his "Old Skool Deep" set posted on discogs. I still listen to it regularly and it's a perfect example what a good mix is. You know you need it, so get it.

But, I won't waste this space any longer, let's read what Pinky says about this mix:

"Timo must be a patient man, as it's taken around four years to get a mix done for deeprhythms; so I salute his persistence with the occasional gentle reminder and thank him for the opportunity to nail my deephouse colours to the mast.

Is the medium more important than the message? I've asked myself the same question as I've discovered remarkable track after remarkable track... but made available only as either a digital release, a cd or both.

As a self-confessed vinyl junkie that presented a harrowing format conundrum. Maybe I could ignore them? Or perhaps they would eventually be pressed up? Maybe I would win the lottery and offer to release them on vinyl myself, free of charge...

My inner turmoil was only alleviated when I borrowed Serato from a friend and saw that both formats could exist peacefully, side by side on the turntables for the greater good of the Deepness.

Thus, all tracks used in this mix are, to my knowledge, not available to buy on vinyl; I wish they were but accept that it's not always possible for a variety of reasons. Some artists just want to get their work 'out there', by whatever means or format and I'd like to thank all those featured in this mix for creating some sublime music; props also to DJ Jus-Ed for bringing some of them to my attention through his show.

No mp3s files were used in this mix, only wavs. Hope you enjoy and keep on keepin' on folks!"

- Pinky


01. | 0:00:00 | Ron Trent - Welcome "1984"
02. | 0:05:59 | Mr. Done! - First Scene
03. | 0:11:17 | Trackmachine - The Revealing
04. | 0:15:34 | M Lito & Nestora - Flying Over (Original)
05. | 0:20:04 | Jenifa Mayanja - Watching (Minimally)
06. | 0:24:38 | Jenifa Mayanja - Watching (The Main Joint Mix)
07. | 0:27:53 | Alucidnation - Ambushed (94 Version)
08. | 0:31:47 | Miles - Perseverance
09. | 0:38:37 | Black Jazz Consortium - Message
10. | 0:39:54 | Izmo - Subconscious Journey
11. | 0:46:06 | Orion 70 - The Little King
12. | 0:50:48 | Miles - Karmic Tendencies
13. | 0:56:04 | Ron Trent - My Computer "1983"
14. | 1:00:17 | Izmo - Underground People
15. | 1:05:20 | Mawkish - No Shampoo (Parts 1 & 2)
16. | 1:13:31 | Ron Trent - The Pressure "1991"
17. | 1:20:19 | Black Jazz Consortium - More Love Please (Part 1)
18. | 1:25:36 | Aybee - Lil Green Men
19. | 1:30:04 | Aybee - Nigg#z And Space Machines
20. | 1:35:55 | Jenifa Mayanja - Sometimes I Feel
21. | 1:42:13 | Ron Trent - Meltdown "1977"
22. | 1:47:53 | John Daly - Atlantis (Deep Sea Dub)

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