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16 Jun 02

#4 'Crax' by Keto


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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

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Ultradeep mix, really digging this one - check the quality of Keto's mixing and track selection - phew!

In Keto's words: "An investigation of my body's low frequency response. I approached this project with the idea of making an interesting 'headphone mix' - something with enough variety to make you want to slip your headphones on and pop the CD in more than once. It tends towards micro house (thanks tyler and braden), tech house, and techno, or what they are calling 'experimental techno' these days ... I'd love to hear what you think!


swayzak - volt musik - force tracks
high tide - riddim stick - punkt music
suite k - baby I want - context
konrad black - seperation anxiety (feat. march21) - two hundred and forty voltz
sutekh - jesus made me do it - context
jay haze - ?? - contexterrior
hakan lidbo - click enter to exit - force tracks
bell & everything - dark beats - shaboom
morgan page - inhale - chalant
savvas ysatis - junior - tresor
fax - A.N.I.R.A.K. - traum schallplatten
luciano - 17 text by a stranger - bruchstuecke
dialogue - tongues (stardub clubslam) - morris/audio
scsi-9 - click and strip - force tracks
m. rahn - dias - konvex|konkav
rapaccioli - klein - vform
elting lieb - disturbedances - konvex|konkav
fabrice lig - gualapagos - ray gun


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