August 30, 2007 | Guest Mixes

#21 'Deepness has no hour part 4' by Matthew Bandy


Mixed by: Matthew Bandy
Location: Denver, Usa

Many of you know Matthew through his excellent label Limestone Recordings, a label that is deeply rooted in jazz, soul, and dub, while based on the foundation of house. You could describe the mix he recorded for us in the same way. I've had this mix for at least a month and while it has been on heavy rotation, I just haven't found the time to publish it - BUT here it is, at last!

Heavy basslines and deep beats lay the foundation for this mix while hints of jazzier elements take it to the next level. The mix is very intense. It grabs your attention right from the beginning and doesn't let go until the last chords slowly fade away. I'm loving it. It also includes his original tracks.

His philosophy: "When I start putting together a mix I basically pick out music I want to listen to and then find songs that fit with them. That's why there is always something new and old. I'll listen to a song and say, "oh I bet this track would go great with this." When I first started the series I re-edited most of the music that was in the mix. Some had longer intros, longer outros, or a part of the song was taken out to create the feeling I wanted. Now with the looping capability of most cd players I can do that on the fly. I feel if your trying to create a constant groove that flows from one track to another certain things need to be dropped in at specific times in the mix while still keeping your mix improvisational."

Matt's biography, upcoming gigs, audio clips of his productions and a LONG discography can be found on his Myspace page, take a look!


Seed Allstarz Ft Quentin Harris "The Sniper" (Kemistry Remix) UGH
Dennis Ferrer "Son Of Raw" (Loco Dice Remix) Objectivity
Pepe Link "Cyclone Soul" (Garcynoise Re-Twisted Mix) Lovemonk
Audio Soul Project "Community" (Fish Go Deep Mix) NRK
Wipe The Needle "The Rhythm The Drum" Deeply Rooted House
Jackmate "Nomads" Phil-e
Ben Westbeech "Hang Around" (Wahoo Remix) Brownswood
Tommy Bones "South Africa Deep" Lion 1 Music
Matthew Bandy "Ga" (Jay Tripwire Remix) Tonality
Rocco ft "Marcel "Memories" City Deep
Nacho Marco "Wench" (Francois Debois Mix) Freerange

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DJ profile
Matthew Bandy

Location: Denver, Usa
| Soundcloud

Born in Flint, Michigan, Matthew Bandy grew up surrounded by the sounds coming out of the nearby Motor City and the many 45's from his parents record collection. These sounds were to become a determining factor in defining his musical approach today. Bandy's communion with house music has now brought him to international recognition. Remaining true to his musicality, Bandy has interwoven passion and originality through his creative ambitions in djing, producing, promotions, and operating a record label.

In the early 90's Bandy was introduced to Dance music through the Midwest rave scene, a melting pot of sounds encompassing Techno, Hip Hop, Disco and House. Then living in Kentucky, far from a major metropolitan area for music, Bandy travelled to parties around the country. He developed his musical tastes by pulling his influences from the sounds of Chicago, Detroit, and the East and West coasts. By the late 90's, Bandy was hosting his own events and introducing new music to his local scene. Having presented DJs such as Halo, Kevin Yost, Johnny Fiasco, Terrance Parker, Traxx and Onionz, Bandy simultaneously hosted Kentucky's first and only electronic music radio show – "Through The Vibe" on WRFL. The show continues to broadcast to this day.

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