October 13, 2010 | Guest Mixes

#43 'Bender' by LateCityLights


Mixed by: Tomasz
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Tomasz Szymanski is back after a 7 year hiatus, wow, it's really been that long! I won't bore you with my rap, I'll let Tom do the talking. Mind you, Bender is one hell of a mix!


About the mix

"My first mix in over 3 years. Having taken some time away from dj'ing, it's really something to be (re)discovering it again as if was the first time.

In my opinion, one of the greatest challenges in any creative activity is to keep your approach fresh and to keep trying new things so that both you and your work can grow.

Though my love for the deep sounds held steady, for a while there I felt that I couldn't do anything new with it anymore. So a break was needed... oh and life threw in some surprises that got in the way too :-)

Coming back to it now, with so many new dj tools out there, more fantastic music dropping every day, and more outlets for that music than ever before, the possibilities are now truly unlimited.

Bender is my first go at an all digital mix. It's a fast ride through a lot of the new sounds that are hitting the sweet spot just now. Working on it has taught me that I've just scratched the surface of what's possible and that exploration is going to keep me going for a long time!"

- Tomasz


00:00 - Start Receiving (keep receiving mix) : J.Axel, Astrid Suryanto
05:16 - Wait feat. Robert Manos (Greg Parker remix) : Terry Lee Brown Junior VS. Fall Away : Palm Skin Productions VS. Permanent Disco (Nologo Remix) : Jitzu
11:31 - Done : Palm Skin Productions VS. Permanent Disco (Nologo Remix) : Jitzu
15:49 - Friend (Ripperton & Alex Attias remix): Silky Sunday
19:47 - Escape : Davide Vario
24:50 - Let Things Slide (Terry Lee Brown Junior's sliding dub mix): Nor Elle VS. Broken Chords : Nikola Gala
28:45 - Lullaby : Nathan G
33:19 - Get Live Tonight : Palm Skin Productions
35:55 - Orphelia's Song (Mink Montano dub mix) : Luca Cazzoni
38:40 - Mindz Theme (Dplay remix) : Mindz Kontrol Ultra, DJ Yellow
41:24 - Il Ghetto Haus : Mink Montano VS. Bassik Mood : Bassik Groove
47:54 - Think You Want It (Pezzner remix) : Colette VS. vs Deep Love : Black Jazz Consortium
51:51 - Tschaka : Dplay
56:05 - Akiara : Aybee

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Location: Vancouver, Canada
| Soundcloud

Based in Vancouver, BC and back from a 3-year hiatus away from all things dj-related, Tomasz is back at it again. The SlowItDown project is no more and in its ashes LateCityLights is born.

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