October 6, 2002 | Guest Mixes

#6 'The Evidence' by Brad Peterson


In Brad's words: "This mix was put together by a certain knowledge (or spirit). It is one that can't be put into words but maybe just shapes and sounds. We all posses the knowledge, but in some it is just opressed by certain societies that only want us to experience things that will...keep the motor running...if you will. True music...no matter what genre, is a key to freedom. Anyone who understands it should embrase the blessing and spread your vibe, in hopes of providing a key to freeing others who are looking for that different level of knowledge."


1. Jori Hulkkonen - You're my excuse for being me - F Communications
2. Feral (Chris Brann) - Psychic Driving - Plastic City
3. John Tejada/Arian Leviste - Where Circles Begin - Moods & Grooves
4. Wild Planet - Synthetic -430 West
5. Infinity (Juan Atkins/O. Voorn) - Game One - Metroplex
6. The Martian - Dream Dancing - Red Planet
7. Brad Peterson - The People are jazz - X-World
8. Common Factor (Nick Calingaert) - Will - Planet E
9. Derrick May & Darrell Wynn - R Tyme 'R Theme'
- Original released on 'Transmat', re-released as 12"
on 'Loaded' and 'Network'.
10. Morgan Geist - Room 120-2 (Quadra Locular EP) - Metamorphic
11. Jamie Ivanoff (3.2.6.) - Just Like Heaven
(Dance Mania presents 3.2.6.) - Dance Mania
12. Soul Designer - 12 Months of happiness - F Communications
13. Underground Resistance (arrangment by Mike Banks)
- Hi-Tech Jazz (from the Galaxy 2 Galaxy E.P.)

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Brad Peterson

Location: Edinburgh, UK (Scotland)
| Soundcloud

"I started experimenting with making tracks and buying dance music records in 92, after I was exposed to the midwest techno and house scenes which was unlike anything I ever heard and changed my life."

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