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#93 Tramma for Deeprhythms

Josh Castles aka Tramma (@Tramma) is a Bristol based DJ and promoter with residencies on Noods and 1020 radio, whilst appearing on an increasing number of line-ups within the city. With a heavy UK influence to his sound, get ready for a superb mix that crosses genres while tying things together with sub-bass hits that weigh a ton. Filled with forthcoming material, so this one's not to be missed. Without further ado let's dive in to learn more about the man himself.

Hi there, how’s things? Can you introduce yourself briefly to our listeners?

Hey, I’m Josh aka Tramma, a DJ and promoter based in Bristol. I’ve spent the last few years promoting parties in the city and have had regular shows on 1020 and Noods Radio. I do some writing for artists and labels too, mostly bios, premiere write-ups, record reviews and press releases. It’s something I’m hoping to do a bit more of going forward so if you know anyone that needs anything feel free to hit me up!

What about DJ’ing, and how did you get started?

I moved to Manchester in 08 and used to go out clubbing a lot, mostly to small nights like Hit’n’Run which ran every Monday, but also to others like Marcus Intalex’s monthly label residency, Soul:ution, and bigger ones like Warehouse Project and SubDub in Leeds.

It was a pretty interesting time for electronic music. Dubstep was becoming more prominent and producers like DBridge and Marcus were experimenting with new directions of DnB, as well as making their mark on the techno and electro worlds.

The exposure to so much good music had a big impression on me so I got a pair of really basic Gemini belt driven turntables and a mixer for £150 to have a go myself. Being students at the time, we partied a lot at home too so it just made sense. 

They were truly terrible turntables, but once you can beatmatch jungle on a pair of those you know you’re going in the right direction. I’ve been collecting and mixing records ever since and never once looked back. The setup has improved though!

Do you have any memorable experiences to share from your early days as a DJ?

Although I played a handful of nights in Manchester, it wasn’t until a few years ago in Bristol that I really started DJing out and about more. 

I had a lot of good times playing out with the Eminent crew and we put on some really great parties. The Kelly Twins and Laksa at Cosies were particular highlights, but one really memorable experience for me was a b2b with Yushh a few years ago at Ben C and Owain K's festival, Full Circle. 

It’s only a small party with a couple of hundred people but the vibes are spot on. It’s in a super beautiful location with panoramic views that stretch for miles and miles, we had lots of friends there with us and we could party as long as we wanted too. 

We played the first night under a stretch tent in a bit of woodland for just over three hours with just our records. The atmosphere was great, everyone was loving it and we got into a really good flow together. We played there the following year and hopefully will again once things are safe enough to do so.

It seems like such a long time ago now but I’ll always remember that night. Much love to Owain for getting us involved.

Name five tracks or releases that are currently on heavy rotation?

For me, Animalia is one of the best new labels of 2020. Both releases are great and I’ve been playing every track on the first one a lot. I feel like Australia is nurturing more and more really great talent, especially when we see labels like this which debut five new artists in one go on vinyl. Deep rolling basslines and intricate percussion with a pretty dubbed-out feel. What’s not to like?

Quality drum work from Anunaku that came out on 3024 in January and hasn’t left the bag since. There have been loads of great releases on the label this year from Yak, Pugilist, Djoser and Om Unit x Martyn but this has been the most played for me.

Livity Sound have had so many releases this year, all of which have been great, but this one from Azu Tiwaline is one of my favourites. It “explores the hypnotic percussion and mystique of the Tunisian Sahara, a hybrid sound playing on contrasts and nuances, light and dark with echoes of techno minimalism and modern dub”. Says it all really.

I first got onto Nous'klaer Audio when they released Konduku’s ‘Emerald Island’ EP and have been a big fan ever since. This more recent one from Tammo is so good and the third track ‘Round’ is so deep and heavy! I went to my first sit-down gig at the Trinity Centre to see Hodge and Danielle b2b and Danielle played it. It was so good to hear it through a proper system. Proper body-music.

The latest Pressure Dome release with Delay Grounds is easily one of my favourites and has been on heavy rotation for a while now. Patrick is a seriously talented producer and I think we can expect a lot from him in the future.

Who are the artists and DJ’s you think deserve more attention than they get currently?

Mish, Ollie Kirk, Forever, Monika Taneska and Syz. All of them good friends, dedicated artists and quality DJs in their own right. Syz’s ‘Mindforms’ EP is easily one of the best I’ve heard this year and his recent release featuring a Yushh remix on Control Freak Recordings is class. French II is also definitely one to watch!

Tell us about your show on 1020 Radio, Broken Borders?

I’d been doing regular shows for the Eminent crew on 1020 and Noods Radio for a couple of years, and hosted some really great DJs in the process, but being part of a collective I felt that I wasn’t able to fulfill my own creative ideas for what I wanted radio to be for me. So I started my own show, Broken Borders, with a concept to host guest mixes from artists based outside of the UK that take some influence from UK sounds. 

I’ve had some really great guest mixes already from Yushh, French II, Jeroen 3024, Flore and Realitycheck so I’m looking forward to rounding off a year’s worth of shows with Of Paradise next week! It’s been one of the only things to keep me sane throughout all the craziness of this year so I’m massively grateful to 1020 Radio for hosting me.

Let’s talk about Bristol. There’s always been a steady stream of very forward thinking music coming from the city. What makes the scene so fertile there/current state of electronic music?

It’s well known how influential and pioneering the city has been for electronic music over the years, but the amount of really talented producers and DJs that still emerge from here is pretty staggering really. 

I always describe Bristol as being just like London with something for everyone, but also like the biggest village in the country. It’s only small so you can easily bump into people you know on the street, in bars or at venues, and I think the smaller space facilitates a lot of cross-genre pollination which drives experimentation and progression across the board. 

I’ve seen so many great releases from Bristol based labels and producers this year, a lot of them defying conventional description and almost all of them stocked at Idle Hands. Even throughout the lockdown, with everything closed and the whole scene’s existence in doubt, the output has been incredible. There’s always something new to be heard and people are working hard behind the scenes to get it out there. 

The main thing is that there is a real sense of community. Everyone pushes each other to do the best they can. I know I wouldn’t be doing any of this if it wasn’t for all the talented artists, labels, shops and platforms around me that share a sense of inclusivity and purpose.

So the mix, can you tell us a little something about that? 

I recorded this mix a few weeks ago at home. I waste so much time planning mixes that invariably don’t work out when I go to actually record them, so I just picked the first track and went from there. I think it gives a pretty accurate reflection of my influences, style and taste right now and it meanders through styles, rhythms and vibes before rolling into a more conventional club mix in the second half with a few personal favourites to finish. Hope you enjoy!

Anything else?

Thanks for having me!


French II - Nothing is Futile (forthcoming Intercept)
Nicholas G. Padilla - Hymns to Atabey (forthcoming Space Tapes)
Keplrr - Constant Hits (Control Freak Recordings)
Neinzer - Hebdamu (Where to Now? Records)
Azu Tiwaline - Mangnetic Service ft. Cinna Peyghamy (Livity Sound)
Alicia Steanson - Bokehmon (self release with Goldefish)
Import - Code Room (Kode9 x 808 Melo Edit) (Euphonic Rhythms)
Bruce - Longshot (forthcoming Timedance)
Kareem El Morr - Wasteland Breaks (forthcoming Molten Moods)
Yosh - Pick Up Roll On (Vivid)
iota & Sam Brickel - Interzone (Animalia)
Denham Audio - Throw Your Hands Up (Lobster Thermin)
Akiko Haruna - Die & Retry (forthcoming Timedance)
Yushh - Team Boot (Woozy)
Martyn - The Only Choice (3024)
Gantz - Lucy (Gantz)

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The DJ. Alchemically developed by virtue of his pledge to sonic cultivation and discovery. A professional yes, but also a master of the not-too serious.

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