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8 Mar 09

#28 'Meanwhile' by Mike Bishop

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Mixed by

Mike Bishop

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Mike Bishop delivers a blend of new and old, a beautifully crafted mix that is a definition of deep house as we see it on deeprhythms. I rate some of the tracks in this mix as classics and Mike does an excellent job that extends those tracks into a seamless, dare I say, journey.

Glad to have you on board Mike, I'm sure the DR listeners will give you a warm welcome.

Mike's a regular on the Estimuloshow, so catch him live every second saturday of the month!

In his own words: "This DJ mix was inspired by recent EstimuloShows, and is presented in a way to be more accessible and perhaps a bit more dancefloor than usual yet retaining that 'deepness' factor.

Recorded in one take, on a cold February Night using 2 technics, mixer, and a kp3 (first mix was a bit of a warm up).

A couple of huge hits are featured on the mix by Mike Huckaby and Kyle Hall, as well as a nice blend of older and newer tracks.

Don't forget to catch me play on the 14th of March and the 28th of March!"


(0:00:00) Intro
(0:00:30) Isolée, Meanwhile, Out To Lunch
(0:08:48) John Dahlbäck, Music So Sweet, Deep4Life
(0:13:06) Reggie Dokes & Delano Smith, Missing You (Limuel), Psychostasia
(0:17:47) Stereociti, Track #1, Deep Explorer
(0:23:14) MXM, Move Me Featuring Jemima, Philpot
(0:30:04) DaRand Land, Edge Of The Looking Glass, Deep4Life
(0:34:30) Mike Huckaby, Jupiter, S Y N T H
(0:39:50) Jalal Ouissal, Escape: The Bird Of Vision Is Flying Towards You With Wings Of Desire, Deep4Life
(0:44:45) Telepaticos, Karlitos Way, Enclave Recordings
(0:49:22) Carsten Jost, Atlantis II, Dial
(0:55:28) DJ Profile, Inflexable, Sound Of Barclay
(1:00:17) Moody*, Freeki Mutha F cker, KDJ
(1:05:25) Reggie Dokes, Rain On Me, Philpot
(1:10:23) Kyle Hall, Slow Dancensteppn On Toes, Wild Oats


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