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22 Nov 02

#7 'It's up to you' by Christopher Layne


Mixed by

Christopher Layne

Location: Pacifica, CA

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Christopher Layne lays down an excellent smooth and dreamy set of deep house, simply brilliant.

In Christopher's words: "I love all house and techno music, it's that simple. Don't sit idle, watching the world pass you by. There is much to be discovered and learned. The past is your guideline to the future - but only if you make use of it. It's up to you..."


01 . Counterattack - Clinamen (Counterattack)
02 . Losoul - Sunbeams and the Rain (Playhouse)
03 . Soul Motive - Mystery (Blue Basique)
04 . Justin Chodzko - Inheritance (Weekend World)
05 . Larry Heard - Untitled (Power Music)
06 . John Tejada - Polarity (Palette)
07 . Alexi Delano - Sweet Music (Corner Shots)
08 . Freestyle Man - Remedy (Mood Music)
09 . i:cube - Deep Republic (Versatile)
10 . House of 909 - City to City (Expanded Soul)
11 . Solar House - Peace of Mind (Large)
12 . Ricardo Diaz - Bica Feelings (deep4life)
13 . Salt City Orchestra: The Book (Paper)


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