August 11, 2008 | Guest Mixes

#25 'MDHF007' by Peavey


Mixed by: Peavey
Location: Hannover, Germany

Dj Peavey has been active at DR during the years and this time we break the normal guest mix routine and instead of an exclusive set, we offer you a re-broadcast of his My Deep House Forever radio show. This episode was originally aired on may 28, 2008 and it's the 7th in the series.

Peavey currently works for Peppermint Jam Records since October 2004 and has gained insight into both music production and the day-to-day business of a record label. A busy man, he can be seen spinning records around the globe this year.

In his own words: "Well, not that easy to remember the exact feeling during the mix. Let me try to write some words about the tracks themselves:

Actually, I always try to show my sound flexibility and different tastes in house music, that's why I always start with some soulful/vocal stuff.

"Lion in a cage" by Alex Finkin & Reverend P has something special which brings you into a good mood, but makes you contemplative at the same time. Listen carefully to the great vocals by Jocelyn Mathieu. Followed by a wonderful Kris Klayton re-edit of Minnie Ripperton's "Lovin You". One of my favorites from the last few months. and this track received most requests from listeners. Minnie's voice is always special to me, because it sounds so unique and warm.

Not easy to find an honorable tune after this great K2 edit. But the Tea party mix of "Broken Dreams" seems to be the right one. Manuel Tur & Dplay's "Mild pitch" on Drumpoet community was perfect to build the bridge to the deeper techy sounds, which starts with one of the biggest tracks of the moment, the great Henrik Schwarz rework of Ane Brun's "Headphone silence". I had some wonderful memorable moments while playing the track in Honduras. People went nuts! And I get goosebumps everytime I drop it.

I could write more about that but let's come to the next bomb, which comes from man of the moment Loco Dice. "Breakfast at Nina's" is a beautiful minimal track from Dice's debut album on Desolat records. I remember that i turned the volume a bit higher to feel and hear all frequencies. Well done mr. Buttrich!

Now it's the time for a rollin dope track by Kenny himself. Already released with some soulful mixes last year this Ursula Rucker tune gets a totally new remix with a great bassline that made my decision easy to choose this track.

Going to the final round we have 2 more deep techy cuts. Another Drumpoet community tune by Quarion with an irresistible 303 bassline and a nice oldschool feel. Jack your body!

To end up this show i chose another track by Henrik Schwarz in collaboration with japanese sound designer Kuniyuki Takahashi and Yoshihiro Tsukahar. I still try to understand "The Session", but it seems impossible. It's simply very bizarre and not easy to put this into any genre.

Finally another sunday afternoon show is done and i'm happy again about the result. hope you enjoy!"


00:00 Alex Finkin & Reverend P feat. Jocelyn Mathieu -
Lion in a Cage (Animal House Mix) / AH001
00:00 Minnie Ripperton - Loving You (K2 Re-Edit) / K2 001
00:00 Ceramic ft. Aisling Stephenson - Broken Dreams (Tea Party Vocal Mix)
/ NYS011
00:00 Manuel Tur & Dplay - Mild Pitch / DPC_014-1
00:00 Ane Brun - Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Remix / Dixon Edit
/ Approved by Ame) / OBJ009
00:00 Loco Dice - Breakfast at Nina's / Desolat LP 001
00:00 Ursula Rucker - Untitled Flow (Kenny Dope Remix) / VR060
00:00 Quarion - The Workout / DPC_015-1
00:00 Henrik Schwarz & Kuniyuki feat. Yoshihiro Tsukahara
- The Session (Kuniyuki Ver) / MULEMUSIQ 026

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Location: Hannover, Germany
| Soundcloud

In 1993, when Andreas M. bought his very first record, the dealer could tell by the twinkle in the twelve year-old’s eyes that this boy would return for more very soon. Andreas didn’t prove him wrong: today he is known to the local music scene as DJ Peavey and on his shelves are approximately a thousand electronic music records. His enormous collection reaches from early Detroit- and Chicago- Techno through Drum’n’Bass to a vast amount of House Music.

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