June 1, 2008 | Guest Mixes

#24 'Hollow Cloud' by kompressorkanonen


Mixed by: kompressorkanonen
Location: Oslo, Norway

Ørjan never ceases to amaze me. I thought his previous guest mix, Rift Zones, was a true classic and now he does it again.

With Hollow Cloud, disguising under his dj alias kompressorkanonen, he manages to create such an intense, timeless and dynamic musical journey that I feel like a parrot because I think I'm repeating myself. Didn't I say all this the last time?

I'm short of adjectives as well - do I sound too corny if I put it this way? "Let the music do the talking"? Oh well, enjoy!

In his own words:"More than a year after "Rift Zones" I decided to record a new mix that covers a somewhat similar territory. Once again, not particularly genre-specific, but I feel that there's still a fairly common aesthetic going on here, even though you have a few electro, techno and even slightly IDM-ish tracks. A useful mantra might be "It's all music innit!!"

Some of these tracks are recent discoveries for me (for instance, Z-Formation was a chance purchase at a record fair in Oslo three months ago) whereas others have been with me for a long time, such as Ismistik (one of the best things ever to come out of Norway) and Wamdue Kids.

I also took the opportunity to sneak in Virgo (lifted off the compilation LP on Radical - and that record is one of the best things to come out of anywhere, any time) and Luke Slater's debut release. Enjoy the music!"


00:00 V-Phorms "Fragments"
05:00 Nuron "Eau Rouge"
10:10 Z-Formation "Hollow Cloud" (Part II - The Black Sky Remix)
13:15 Raymond Castoldi "Cycles of Life"
17:48 The New Sound of Soul "Deep in New York"
21:45 Hypnotone "Sub"
24:50 DMO "Movement"
28:30 L.H.A.S. Inc. "4-D"
33:30 Virgo "Ride"
36:10 Emojonal "Make E Move"
40:50 Bizarre Inc. "Let it Go"
43:58 Fruits of God "Spirits"
47:07 Ismistik "Bulb"
51:00 Wamdue Kids "Time We Will Never Share"
55:00 A.D.N.Y. presents Leiva "Sane"
58:40 Translucent "Light of Dawn"
62:10 Pollon "Lost Souls"
67:50 I:Cube "Deep End"

Thanks to Estimulo for the track times!

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Location: Oslo, Norway
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Unadulterated underachiever. I dance to disco and I don't like rock.

Collecting is creepy. Record collectors put each other down for their various fixations. Everybody is convinced that his way of collecting is superior. They look down on casual collectors, who are just accumulators - the kind who'll just pick up anything and let it pile up. - Robert Crumb

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