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" - deep underground house music. Hey, we're back! Online for over 17 years, we invite you to dig deep into our vast archive of free deep house mixes. Slowly revamping the site, stay tuned. For the busy ones there's a podcast too."


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In this 30 min interview the guys talk about the recent album by San Soda (review on DR), deep house in Belgium, the love of vinyl the history & future of We Play House among other topics. Bart's a lively guy, with some great stories to share as you're about to find out.

Classic tracks: Sterling Void - It's alright

"On and on and on...". Does house get any better than this? Thanks to Pirkka for introducing me to this way back when.

Jesse Saunders rocking the crowd with a crazy Cole Medina edit!

DJ Scott K & Cole Medina vs James Brown "I'm Satisfied" at the Chosen few House Reunion picnic in Chicago.